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Theresa Henderson at 


Disclaimer: Due to unlawful activity on the internet, please only accept CASH for anything sold on this site


Beautiful Lervad 29"(75 cm) Loom $4,500 

Victorian-style, black finish, chip-carved, Danish

4-shaft counter-balance, 6-treadle 

Letter from Miss Susanna Sorensen of Hull House, Chicago dated  November 1,1922.

Weaves like a dream, even with long-eyed heddles.


This needs a younger, history-loving, weaver-keeper.

Currently insured for $5,000.  

Pick-up Alpena.  



Leclerc Tensioning Box $75

  The tension box is used with the Sectional Warp Beam and is adjustable to fit any Leclerc floor loom.  The tension is adjustable for uniform tension on all warp ends as they are wound from the spool rack to the loom.


45” Nilus Leclerc 4H loom $925



3 reeds (8, 10,12)

sectional warp beam w/guides

lease sticks

Extra LeClerc top and bottom weighted beater bar kit (for weaving heavier items like rugs)

boat shuttle

heddle hook

instruction book

tool kit



book “Warp and Weave"

Ludington pickup


 New $50.00 printed in Swedish.
Call 810-841-2038
Call 810-841-2038
30" Cherry Norwood 4 harness loom 
$900 OBO



spool rack

warping board

many extras

Location: north of Muskegon - pick up only.


$590  Handmade 48" 4-harness

countermarch loom


"Cranbrook-style" countermarch loom with 6 treadles

 Sturdy, versatile, great shed



four reeds:  5, 6, 8, 15 dents per inch


reed holder for warping

                                                  additional equipment      

The loom measures 4 ' 10" wide, 4' 6" deep, 5' 7" tall

The bench is 2' wide by 13 1/2 " deep, with an extension for tools

Excellent condition           313-881-8750


Norwood 32” Loom 4 shafts $1,200 OBO


removable sectional beam

wood bobbins and rack

wire heddles

several boat shuttles and bobbins

warping board

bobbin winder

Buyer to pick up in Ann Arbor, MI



Ashford spinning wheel 

$300.00 or best offer






“Sleeping Beauty” spinning wheel 


$300.00 or best offer 





This is a vintage (circa 1980) mill in excellent/barely used condition. I believe it is a Beka, but have lost the paperwork long ago.  Crossbeams: 27 x 27, Frame: 19 x19, stands 26.5" tall.  It has ball bearings that help it spin easily and will warp at least 20 yds.
I'm asking $200 USD/or best offer, plus shipping (which i'm guess wouldn't be more than $20USD).  I would love for this to go to someone who wants it by Christmas. Located in San Jose, CA.

Sectional Beam Rake 


Can be applied to any warp beam - cut to fit if needed to convert to sectional warping


(New price on this ranges from $225 - $475)

one set for 36" weaving width

hardwood (maple or cherry) with 2" spaces, 
steel hoops.  $100.00 OBO



Schacht 36" 4-shaft jackloom $750


6 treadles


warping board

Nearly new

Pick-up Alpena

989- 657-2818


Purrington 26" maple 4-shaft folding jack loom 


(stock photo)

Love this loom, but my studio has become over-crowded!

6 treadles

plain beam plus original sectional beam

Vintage complete with letter from Rolo Purrington dated June 25,1970

New price $1,575.

Pick-up Alpena 



 Warping Spool Rack $380
Custom made spool Rack, solid maple, 38 x 56’’ w 24’’ foot braces, holds 48 4’’ spools on 24 9’’ brass rods, professionally made for sectional warping.
Located in Traverse City
Cranbrook Warping Mill $380
Cranbrook Bexell-made warping mill, solid maple, 51 x 51 x 60’’ frames on a 32 x 32 x 70’’ base & post, top & bottom braces, 4 bolts, 3 peg dowels. 
Located in Traverse City
 Toronto Ontario College of Art 36'' 8-Shaft Floor Loom $800
36’’ 8-shaft, solid hardwood, countermarche, w 8 treadles
An old Toronto, Ontario College of Art, countermarche floor loom. All parts accounted for, some I have made myself. Needs tie-up cords. A work-horse loom for my studio. It's my favorite!
Here is a time-lapse of the assembly of this loom. 
Located in Traverse City
Cranbrook 48'' 4-Shaft Floor Loom $1800
48'' 4-Harness, 50's-era.
Needs tie-ups, in great condition.
Includes 3 reeds: 6, 10 & 15 dent.  An old family loom, much loved. 
Here is a 2-minute time-lapse, in which the loom is assembled. 
Located in Traverse City
Cranbrook 60’’ 8-Shaft Double-Beam Floor Loom $4200
sectional warp beam
extra back beam
2nd warp beam block
sectional warping box/beam
4 60’’ Reeds @ 10 - 12 - 8 - 6 dent
This is a much-loved loom!  All parts accounted for, in beautiful condition.
Here is a 2-minute time-lapse, in which the loom is assembled.  
Located in Traverse City

LeClerc Nilus 4 harness $700


Storage bench and warping frame included.


Located in Arcadia, MI




36" Nilus Leclerc Loom $800


4 Harnesses

6 Treadles

looks to be made of cherry

Approximately $2900 new

Located near Edwardsburg, MI.



48" MACOMBER Add a Harness Model B5 $2,500

16 Harnesses

18 Treadles

2 warp beams

New would be approximately $8,000

Located near Edwardsburg, MI


26" Schacht Baby Wolf 4 harness $650


10 dent reed

6 treadles

located in North Muskegon


40" Harrisville 4 harness $750



6 treadles,

castle tool tray

10 dent reed

located in North Muskegon - pickup only


Looking for a beginner spinning wheel


42" HARRISVILLE 4 harness loom $300 obo



3 reeds

storage box on top

38" wide x 17.5" high bench with storage compartment

located in E. Lansing

517 332-3106


46” Gilmore 4 shaft, 6 treadle loom with a LeClerc bench.  Loom has weights on the beater so rugs can be woven.  Similar new loom would run approx. $3000.00.  Asking $1000.00.  Will throw in some rayon chenille yarn and a copy (on CD) of my book, Understanding Rayon Chenille.   Loom must be picked up in northern Illinois.  Contact for more info.




Mennonite  handmade drop spindles  $10 each

Howard Hand Carders $25






Excellent choice for a mid-sized carder with full-sized features.
Produces a batt approximately 6 1/2" x 22" 
4:1 drum ratio.

Designed to handle ALL fibers including merino, llama, alpaca, cashmere, dog hair and other exotics.

3 working tools (Batt picker, doffer brush, dabber brush)
table clamp


Schacht 4 harness Baby Wolf with Stroller $1500.00 obo


brand new (never been used)

Will need to pick it up


Please call 269-429-6948 for more information


     8 Harness 60" Cranbrook Counter Marche Loom $2500

 Solid Maple with furniture quality finish  
 Model "J60 8046 1273
 10 Treadles
 5 Reeds - 6, 8, 10, 12, 15
  Reed shelf on back of loom



40", 10 or 12 dent reeds for a my floor loom 


8 harness 72” Cranbrook Countermarch Loom $3800


Solid Maple.

Model # C7280 Bexell and Son.

10 treadles

2 reeds; 6, 8 dent.

Texsolve heddles.

Suspended tool shelf. 

5’ bench


8 Harness 22” Harrisville Design Workshop Loom $1500


Rock Maple. Model 22-8.

10 treadles

10 dent Carbon steel reed

Friction brake system.

Chain tie-up.

Metal heddles.

Tool tray.

28”x 9” bench; adjustable height 17-22” with built in tool box.



4 harness 40” Norwood Floor Loom $1200


Cherry Wood.

6 treadles

Nylon heddles

3 reeds; 12, 8, 6 dent

Removable sectional back beam

3’x11” bench with toolbox under seat



table model warping mill. Preferably LeClerc.



50” 4 harness Norwood loom $700

sectional beam
six treadles
squirrel cage
one reed
tension box
spool rack
warping board

located at Kalamazoo Institute of Art
pick up only



45” Nilus II LeClerc Loom $800

Canadian 4 harness maple Counterbalance Floor Loom


loom bench – handmade pine wood
warping board – handmade 40”
Hundreds of Additional Wire Heddles
cone of navy warp
Two Schacht shuttles
several additional wooden shuttles

Additional pictures are available on request.

Located near Lansing
Pick up only



Norwood 40” Jack Loom, 4 shafts $1,000


sectional beam

wood bobbins and rack

Wire heddles

Standard Bottom swing beater

3 Reeds

Loom bench with storage

Several boat shuttles and bobbins

Warping board

HD bobbin winder, yarn

Buyer to pick up in Dearborn, MI

Willing to negotiate




48" Cranbrook Bexel Loom $2,500

It is on heavy brass casters for easy moving
Includes: bench, warping wheel and all the necessary parts like shuttles & etc. to make a project.  


The loom is currently disassembled making it much easier to move.  

I live in Traverse city and the loom would need to be picked up from Glen Arbor or I could arrange LOCAL delivery.





38" 4 harness  Newcomb Studio Loom $400 or best offer

 6 treadles
Sectional warp beam
Inserted eye heddles



45" Cranbrook 6 harness original Bexel Loom $4,000



full width hanging tool shelf

various reeds

texsolv heddles


Shipping not included


Located in Rochester Hills

248-770-6389 or at





60" 16 harness AVL $4,500


compu-dobby (connects to computer) and the original mechanical dobby

auto-advance (really, really nice)

rubber cover for the sandpaper beam to accommodate chenille

sectional warp beam with the attached warping arm and tension box

double box fly shuttle

3 shuttles and lots of prins

original manual. 

It is #00935

contact:  or call 734-269-2462

located about 10 miles east of US 23 in Monroe Mi.


4 Harness 40" Norwood $1000


reeds:12, 8 (plus a 30" 8 dent)

6 treadle

steel heddles

custom slant bench also cherry

electric cherry bobbin winder 



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