Bobbie Irwin

Shimmering Colors: The Magic of Iridescence 

Class Size: 15

Skill Level:  All

Material Fee:  (participants pay instructor directly) $20-35, depending on desired warp width (includes postage for shipping warp yarn ahead of time). All yarn is provided, and balls of warp yarn will be sent in advance so looms can be ready for weaving when the class starts. Color assignments will be made by the instructor. 


Fabrics that appear to change color as the angle of view changes seem almost magical! They’re easier to weave, and color and yarn options are less restrictive, than you might think. In this class you will work with a limited range of related (analogous) warp colors and 24 weft colors to create a plain-weave sampler that explores the effects of crossing different colors. You will then select two weft colors for a second sampler incorporating twills and other variations of your choice, including 3-color iridescence. You weave only on your own loom, at your own pace. Numerous samples will be available for your inspiration. Iridescence with multiple colors at once and in warp-or weft-dominant structures are some of the amazing possibilities! Students are to come with a pre-warped 4-shaft loom with a weaving width of at least 9 inches (no rigid heddle looms); 2 index cards; standard tools, including extra bobbins, two shuttles, repair items, and a blunt (tapestry) needle for hemstitching; ball and bobbin winders (optional; we’ll need several to share)

Bobbie Irwin will also be teaching three seminars during the Conference, June 2-4, 2017


Saturday Morning

105 - Twined Rag Rugs - Bobbie Irwin 

Class Size: 15

Skill Level:  All levels; no weaving or twining experience needed


Follow the instructor’s journey as she discovered and researched this disappearing folk craft, including visits to major museum collections and correspondence with numerous elderly rug makers. As part of Bobbie’s goal to revive this tradition, she has written magazine articles as well as the first two books ever published about these rugs. 


Saturday Afternoon

111 - Weaving A Transparency - Bobbie Irwin

Class Size: 15

Skill Level: All levels


A transparency has an inlaid pictorial pattern on an open-weave background. With the pattern diversity of tapestry, transparency weaving is easier, faster, and more economical. The interaction with light gives added dimension. Using examples from a number of weavers, this presentation gives tips for designing and inspiration for your own work. 


Sunday Afternoon

212 - Weaving With Space Dyed yarns -  Bobbie Irwin

Class Size: 15

Skill Level: beginner to intermediate


Space-dyed and other variegated yarns are enticing, yet can be frustrating to work with effectively. Learn how to make the best use of them in both warp and weft, and how to help predict the results. 

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