Dianne Totten

Sewing with Crimp Cloth 

Class Size: 10

Skill level: Can sew a straight line (or close counts!)


A sequel to “Crimp and Create,” this workshop focuses on creating and assembling a crimped garment. Participants will bring a sewing machine and crimped yardage, with or without an idea of what you would like to make. Whether you choose warp crimp or weft crimp for your yardage, we’ll share ideas for each individual yardage, give encouragement, and have fun with the design process. Think from elegant to funky, from zippers to bling. With all the tips and tricks of sewing with crimp cloth that will be presented, the goal will be to complete a garment in class. Helpful preparation information will be provided to registered students. 

During our Conference Dianne Totten will be teaching a two day seminar, June 3-4, 2017.


Two Day Seminar

300 - From Evening Bags to Market Bags - Dianne Totten 

Class Size: 10 


Bags, purses, and totes - create a carrying vessel of any shape or size. You may already have fabric in your stash, handwoven or not, that is suitable for a bag. If not, weave sturdy fabric using yarn or rags. From elegant to simple and functional, choose from patterns provided, have fun creating your own unique project, or bring a commercial pattern. Using a PowerPoint presentation, you will be guided in every step of the planning and construction of your chosen bag. The first session will focus on planning and creativity. We will take a field trip to Field’s Fabrics in Holland to shop for extra supplies or that special something to make your bag unique. The goal is to use the remaining three sessions to complete your project. The ability to use a sewing machine is necessary. 

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