Linda Taft Walburn

Deconstructed Screen Printing 

Skill Level: All       

Class Size: 12   

Material Fee:  (participants pay instructor directly) $45 - 3 yards PFD cotton print cloth @ $5/per yd. ($15); print screen with screening@ $7.50; dye and print paste $15; plastics for tables and batching, pins and extensive instructions $7.50.


The original spark for creating deconstructed screen printing began in 1984 with Joy Stocksdale's book, Polychromatic Screen Printing. It was further developed by contemporary, Kerr Grabowski. The spark that caused me to fall in love with this process came from Kerr’s classes. From those classes I have developed, as artists do, my own relationship with deconstructed screen printing. The deconstructed process requires fiber reactive dyes to be applied to a print screen. In this workshop, you will learn about Procion MX fiber reactive dyes, how to prepare a print screen for printing, how to “pull” a screen with a squeegee, the deconstructed screen printing process, and finally how to finish your dyed cloth. This printing process is often called break-down printing because the dye breaks down or releases some dye with each print. As the printing process progresses, the amount of dye released decreases, resulting in unique prints every time. Thus, there are abundant opportunities to be surprised. This is not your typical art class silk-screen registration-mark method of screen printing! It is a free-spirited approach to creating surface design on cloth with dye. With only three colors, a little goo, some PFD (prepared for dyeing) cotton, you will create colorful patterns that are sure to inspire your next masterpiece. 

On Sunday, June 4, 2017 Linda Taft Walburn will present an all day seminar on Temporary Screen Printing



All Day Sunday

201 - Temporary Screen Printing 

Class size: 12

Skill Level: All 

Material Fee: (participants pay instructor directly)   $25  Screen with fabric, $5.50; PFD Cotton Cloth, 2 yards @ $10, Dye and Print Paste @ $7.00, Plastic table covers, batching plastic and pins, $2.50


If you have been fascinated by screen printing but were hesitant because you thought it would be difficult, Temporary Screen Printing is your chance to overcome that hesitation. You will not line up edges or match registration marks. A free-your-spirit workshop, you will come away with a working knowledge of easy screen printing, limited only by your imagination. Jane Dunnewold has been a big influence on changing the minds of surface design artists and the screen printing process. Having studied with her, I have been inspired to treat screen printing as a spontaneous tool rather than a nightmare of registration marks. You will learn about and how to work with Procion MX fiber reactive dyes, how to set up and pull a screen, and how to finish off your surface-designed dyed cloth. Using various papers, interfacing, glue, lace, chalk, charcoal, tape, to name a few, you will create multiple screens using an embroidery hoop and screen fabric. From just three dye colors and dye thickener, you will create unique and original designs on cotton PFD (prepared for dyeing)

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