Mary Hettmansperger - Workshop is Full

Mixed Materials – New Directions for Art Quilts – Jewelry - Surface Embellishment  

Class Size: 12

Material Fee: (participants pay instructor directly) $20.00 base fee for everyone – this includes handouts, fee for fuel, use of torches and shared tools. 


This workshop is packed full of new ideas and directions for many disciplines in Art. Metal work, weaving techniques, and a variety of surface design applications will all be covered. Students have the option of using the knowledge to make completed jewelry, applying the techniques to a fabric for Art quilts or many samples to use at a later time. The focus of the class will be to introduce and incorporate weaving and metal smith techniques that can cross over to be used in many disciplines of artwork. Students will use wires, linens, and fibers for making metal and fiber jewelry and surface design using techniques such as weaving, twining and looping. Copper sheeting, wire, mesh, screen, found, recycled and natural items will also be used to create finished jewelry, surface design and an array of samples. Commercial connections, as nuts and bolts, brads, eyelets, rivets, brads, jump rings and wire working techniques will be covered for making cold connections in jewelry and alternative surfaces. Beads, hardware store, electronic salvage and recycled items will also be offered to students to explore for surface design and parts and pieces for jewelry. Students will become comfortable using the propane torch and will learn a variety of low tech metalsmith techniques. This course is very individualized and will allow each student to take the techniques and materials offered and pursue their desired direction. Students will make many pieces of jewelry and many items and assemblages for surface embellishment or both. Students are encouraged to bring bits of stuff. There will be a wide variety of techniques to learn and students can choose one or many to use and incorporate into their projects

Mary Hettmansperger will also be teaching one all day seminar and two half day seminars during conference.



Saturday Morning

104 - Looping Over Rocks – and More 

Class Size: 12

Material fee:  (participants pay instructor directly) $10.00 

No tools needed – Mary will have sharing tools. Materials in kit for class - supplied by instructor: All wires for class, Item to loop over, findings beads and embellishments


Using rocks and other beautiful focal items, students will create a layer of knotless netting using a fine wire. A variety of colored wire along with copper and silver filled wire will be used in this weaving technique. Students will have an opportunity to learn the technique using a stone, and options to how to use other items. Students should finish the rock in the class time.


Saturday Afternoon

110 - Twining in Jewelry

Class Size: 12

Material Fee:  (participants pay instructor directly) $20.00 Mary will supply tools needed for the class Materials in kit for class - supplied by instructor: 18 gauge wire, 28 gauge wire, Beads


Using copper wire and colored wire, students will make a piece of jewelry using the twining technique and have material to make another at home. Adding beads, layering, will all be covered. Fun and relaxing class using this great technique. 


All Day Sunday

200 - Hinges, Doors, Books and Lockets - Mary Hettmansperger 

Class Size: 12

Material fee: (participants pay instructor directly)  $48.00. Materials in kit for class - supplied by instructor: 24 gauge copper sheeting, Findings and embellishments.  All wires and cold connections Mica, paper and embossing materials.  All patinas 


Using copper sheeting, students will design a hinged locket. Students may bring a personal photo, image or favorite paper to place in the locket, or use papers and images that Mary has selected. Mica is used to protect the image and cold connections hold it in place. Students will make two small book necklaces. Patinas, texturing, and metal applications, including embossing will also be covered. The focus of this class is to master the hinge using tabs to create a variety of moveable doors. It is a low-tech process with fabulous results. Tools needed for class: (Students can bring) – I have some sharing tools – but more people that bring tools the better. Hammer Bench block,Texturing hammers if desired Needle nose pliers, Metal scissors or snips, Wire cutters 

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