Robyn Spady - Workshop is Full

A Parallel Threading is the Weaver’s Playground 

Class Size: 15

Material fee -  (participants pay instructor directly) $15.


A parallel threading can provide a weaver with a multitude of options and patterns – from echo weaves and corkscrew twills to turned taqueté and network- drafted twills. Add on top of that weft variations in color and texture and a weaver will find themselves in a playground of possibilities. Workshop participants will pre-warp their loom from a selection of threadings and during the workshop enter into a journey of discovery and exploration of how to transform a parallel threading into a myriad of patterns. The workshop is a combination of presentation/discussion, weaving, and hands-on exercises. Emphasis will be on understanding the design and drafting processes to empower workshop participants to create their own patterns. (Note: This is not a round-robin workshop. Participants will weave on their own loom.) Four-shafts minimum. Eight-shafts highly recommended.

During the Conference Robyn Spady will be teaching four seminars.


Saturday Morning

106 - Taming of the Hue  - Robyn Spady

Class Size: 15

Skill Level: No experience necessary

Material fee: (participants pay instructor directly) $5


Does incorporating more color in to your projects appeal to you, but leaves you feeling a little intimidated at the same time? Do you long to break out of a color rut? If so, you are not alone! In this seminar, a variety of tools and techniques will be covered to assist you in exploring different ways of incorporating color into your projects and give you more confidence in discovering new color horizons. Students need to bring: Scissors, glue stick, paint chips (like found in hardware stores) – minimum of five colors you like and one you don’t like.


Saturday Afternoon

112 - Weaving TnT: Dynamite Tips ‘n Techniques for Every Weaver - Robyn Spady 

Class Size:15

Skill Level: Beginning weaver to advanced weaver 

Material fee: (participants pay instructor directly) $3 


Would you like to learn a great method for repairing a broken warp end, tracking your treadling while you weave, making your own repair heddles, or just make weaving easier and more pleasurable? This “prop-riddled” seminar looks and feels like an interactive show-and-tell and will introduce over 36 offbeat tools, techniques, or tricks to assist weavers in all phases of weaving. 


Sunday Morning

207 - Introduction to Network Drafting  - Robyn Spady

Class Size: 15

Skills Level: Adventure-seeking beginning weaver to advanced weaver

Material fee: (participants pay instructor directly) $5


Network drafting is a method for creating designs with curves. It may not look intuitive; however, there is a method-to-the-madness. In this hands-on seminar, participants will be introduced to the step-by-step methods for developing an original network-drafted pattern and how to manipulate it into new and exciting patterns. Learn the fundamentals of designing network-drafted patterns and understand what terms like initial, grid, and network mean. Students should bring a  Pencil or pen



Sunday Afternoon

213 - Couture Braids and Trim - Robyn Spady

Class Size: 15

Skill Level: No experience necessary

Material fee: (participants pay instructor directly) $5


Braids and trim is one of the many items included under the passementerie umbrella. Fashions have a long history of using braids and trim to enhance garments. It’s often one of the distinguishing characteristics of a French cardigan-style jacket made famous by Coco Chanel. There are a multitude of different techniques used to create trim from a wide variety of materials. In this hands-on class, participants will explore a variety of different techniques that require simple tools and minimal equipment. Students will need a clipboard with old-fashioned style clip, medium-sized binder clip, scissors, leftover yarns, ribbons, etc.

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