Guild Exhibits

Each MLH participating guild and their members are encouraged to enter the Guild Exhibits (non-judged). This displays to our audience the extent of the various fiber talents of our members. Those feeling they are not in a guild large enough to participate, or for MLH members not belonging to a local guild, please know there is exhibit space for your entries as well.


Dinner Party!

Weavers and fiber people have the reputation of being great cooks. What else can they cook up? How about a setting for a dinner party that serves a full course of imagination and creativity?


For MLH guild exhibits in 2019, a central theme will be Dinner Party! All guilds are invited to participate. Dream up a themed setting for a dinner party. Provide textiles and all the accoutrements to pull off the best dinner party ever. 


Guilds and individuals are encouraged, but not mandatory to use this years theme for their guild displays.


Guidelines and ideas:

  • Plan for a similar space as past exhibits. At present we don’t have dimensions.
  • Bring any furniture you need to create the setting
  • Grid-wall or panels are fine if you want to utilize vertical space
  • Use one set of plates/mugs/glasses/serving dishes/etc. or use many different kinds of dinnerware, or don’t use dishes at all!
  • 3D works. Woven, knitted, crocheted, beaded food and party favors welcomed Guests can be part of the setting. So can their bags, purses, etc. And maybe the setting alone tells us what guests are coming!
  • Guests can be any age.
  • Guests need not be from this planet.
  • Guests need not be human (what would you offer a dog, a hamster, a potted

A special section within the guild displays, 80 Centimeters from Stardom, open to all MLH members.   (sponsored by Front Porch Textiles)

Pick a plate. Weave a placemat that makes the plate the shining star, claiming center stage and a dining room of fans. Any dimension and fiber is acceptable. For entry, both dish and placemat must be included. Please submit only a placemat, not accompanying runner, napkins, or silverware.


One major rule: The plate must be chosen first – then the mat designed and woven. $100 – first place
$50 – second place
Linen yarn – third place


For more information regarding Guild Displays and the “Plate Challenge”  please email Mary Underwood at

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