All Day Friday

9:00 am - 11:00 am / 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

100 - Garden Palettes: Exuberant design from Glorious Gardens - Cameron Taylor- Brown
Class Size: 20
Material Fee: $10

Texture, color, pattern, balance, proportion..........the vocabulary for a well-designed garden is the same as for a composition in fiber. Get excited by color reproductions of glorious gardens and the design ideas they inspire. Begin by looking at one garden in particular the Robert Irwin garden at the Getty Center in Los Angeles – ‘a stunning variety of colors and textures...a sculpture in the form of a garden aspiring to be art.’ Rummage through huge piles of fabulous fibers and weave, knit or crochet an original design that interprets your own gardener’s palette of yarns. By the end of the day you will have ‘planted the seeds’ for many future projects.


101 - Parallel Paradox - Margaret Coe

Class Size: 20
Material Fee: none

It takes a village, or at least a bunch of weavers brainstorming, to make one halt, take a right turn, and look at drafts and structures in a whole new light. Just when you think you have a good handle on formulating structures something comes up to show you how wrong you can be! In two separate, but ultimately related incidents, we discovered that it isn’t always the threading, the tie up and treadling, or the liftplan, that can determine or change a structure, but the placement of a design line, or a different approach to a tie up can change it yet again. The concept is fresh, explaining what is happening isn’t easy either, but watch as we change structures with very simple commands. From double weave to Jin (aka turned taquete’) with different twills and basket weave: from Jin variations to summer & winter variation. It’s magic! And we are continuing to explore.....


102 - Warping with New Eyes - Joan Sheridan
Class Size: 15
Material Fee: $10.00 for comprehensive full color notebook and yarn used in class demonstrations

This one day seminar is based on two premises: stress-free weaving and working at the loom ergonomically. The outcome is that your woven pieces are more consistent and warping can become an enjoyable part of the weaving process. Whether you’ve been weaving for one year or 40, you will come away from this class with a fresh perspective on your weaving habits. Includes a demonstration of using a warping mill, a quick overview of loom mechanics and warping using a trapeze.


103 Stabilizing and Finishing Handwovens - Rhonda Buss

Class Size: 15
Material Fee: none

You really want to make a lovely vest with your handwoven linen, but just the thought of cutting an armhole sends shivers up your spine and you reach for that tried and true placemat pattern! Let Rhonda help you take the fear out of cutting into your precious handwoven pieces. We will explore various techniques and products that will give you confidence when cutting into your handwoven fabrics and provide you with a portfolio of options to help you create professionally finished garments and accessories. Join this class and learn how to stabilize your fabrics before and after cutting, which stabilizing products and methods work best for different fabrics, how to keep your seams and edges where you want them and how to get professional looking results that make the inside look as gorgeous as the outside of your projects. This class will require some sewing experience, but is suitable for those with beginner level skills. You will need to bring a functioning sewing machine capable of doing straight and zigzag stitches that you are familiar with. 



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