All Day Saturday

9:00 am - 11:00 am / 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

200 Finishing and Embellishment Techniques for Handweavers - Janney Simpson

Class Size: 16
Material Fee:  $10

Enhance your handwovens with a variety of finishing and embellishment techniques. This is both a power point presentation and hands-on session. There are important decisions to make about how your handwoven piece will be finished even before you start weaving. Several ideas for hems, hemstitching, fringes and how to plan for them will be covered. Wet finishing for different types of fibers will also be discussed. In the hands-on session, learn to add a personal touch to your piece with a beaded edge, beaded twisted fringe, embroidery or beading directly onto the fabric. Fabric, beads, beading and embroidery thread, needles and instructions will be provided. Participants are welcome to bring in their own handwovens to discuss embellishment ideas for them.


201 - Bookbinding: Coptic Stitch Kalamazoo Book Arts - Katie Platte

Class Size: 12
Material Fee: $10

The Coptic-bound book dates back almost 2,000 years, originating in Egypt and used by the Copts. This style of binding uses a chain link-stitch along an exposed spine, creating a book that is ideal for journaling or sketching as the pages lay completely flat when opened. For your cover, choose from KBAC’s selection of decorative paper, or bring some handwoven fabric to further personalize your book.


202 - Glorious Needlefelted Goddesses  - Karin Fish

Class Size: 12
Material Fee:  $30

Needle felt a torso with arms and head using a wire armature. The sculpture will mount on a vintage wooden base that once was a weaving machine bobbin, making a sturdy base for fastening a skirt or dress. Goddess will come from your imagination, complete with a big head of hair and a full fabric skirt. You may bring fabric, ribbons, wool and tools from your own stash, if you like. Felting tools will also be provided and may be sold back to the instructor if desired at the end of class.


203 - Be Inspired in Your Cotton Rug Weaving - Wynne Mattilla
Class Size: 10
Material Fee: $10 for handouts and fabric packet

Wynne shares her passion for colorful cotton fabrics and knowledge of weaving her Finnish-style rugs in this seminar. She walks you through her design process from inspiration to rug. You will be guided through an exercise to create a design plan as you play with colorful cotton fabrics. You will go home with a new awareness of color, greater confidence in your color and design choices, and good techniques to use in your rug weaving. 


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