Two Hour Seminars - Friday AM

9:00 am - 11:00 am 

103 - Exploring the Golden Proportion and the Fibonacci Series - Jennifer Moore Class Size: 25
Material Fee:  $10

The Golden Proportion is found throughout nature, including in our own bodies, and has been known and used by artists for millennia. Because of this most people tend to find this proportion very pleasing. In this design workshop we will learn how to generate and use the Golden Proportion as well as the closely related Fibonacci Series. Knowing how to work with these tools enables us to create harmonious designs in any medium.


104 - Ripple Effect Looping - Donna Kallner
Class Size: 14
Material Fee:  $10 for Irish linen, needles, stones and handouts

Simple knotless netting (one of looping’s many forms) is a great structure for lace (it’s so stable it cannot unravel). In this workshop, you’ll learn a basic looping stitch and tension control, then start exploring skipped and grouped stitch variations. The class project is worked over a stone with Irish linen thread, and you’ll leave with materials to make a second piece to share (stones like these have a ripple effect when you give them away). You’ll enjoy having this technique in your repertoire of portable techniques when you want to sample or showcase special yarns and threads.


105 Designing Motifs in Summer and Winter - Julia Daniels

Class Size: 20
Material Fee:  $5

Are you intimidated by designing? Is the draft dodging you? Are tie-up plans tying you up? Does developing a lift plan leave you up in the air? In this seminar I will show you how to work with graph paper to create an 8 harness design that you can weave in the summer/winter technique. We will then work with your design to figure out which harnesses need to be lifted and how to turn those numbers into a tie-up plan for your loom. We will discuss skeletal tie ups and what to do with plans that require lifting more treadles than available feet! A packet with all necessary materials for the class will be provided. Your packet will include information for warping the loom and weaving your motif in the summer/winter technique.


106 - Yes, you can recreate that natural dye color - Getting the most out of your natural dye experience - Lori Evesque
Class Size: 25
Material Fee:  $5.00 to cover handouts and samples

Interest in natural dyes continues to increase. “How to” books abound with pictures of the many colors possible. A frequent frustration with natural dyeing is the difficulty repeating the colors. How many of you have a beautiful naturally dyed yarn sample that you have tried but failed to repeat? Join natural dyer, Lori Evesque, to learn some techniques, ideas, and methods to get the most out of your natural dye experiences and improve your natural dye results. 



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