Two Hour Seminars - Friday PM

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

107 - Handwoven Wearables with Pizazz - Nancy Peck

Class Size: 25
Material Fee: none

Wearable garments are a great way to showcase your handwoven fabrics. The presentation will cover designing suitable fabrics, adapting narrow widths, innovative layouts, finishing techniques and closures. The objective is to instill confidence to use your handwoven fabric for wearable, fashionable garments.


108 - Design Tricks: Moving Beyond the Recipe - Barbara Walker

Class Size: 20
Material Fee: 

Do you want to venture outside of your fiber comfort zone in a new direction, or spice up your current work? This two-part seminar will begin with a user-friendly discussion of color theories, proportion, coordination of design elements, and stimulating design exercises. Then we will enter the world of color with a practical application that helps you develop color schemes, work with color values, and apply first aid to the ugliest yarn in your stash. You will leave with confidence to go beyond the recipe and develop your own personal fiber art style. All levels of experience are welcome.


109 A Palette from Field and Forest: Dyeing with Mushrooms and Lichen Denise Holmes and Julie Hurd
Class Size: 20
Material Fee: 

Prior to 1856, when the first synthetic dye was produced in a laboratory, all colors in clothing, household, and ceremonial textiles were derived from naturally occurring sources. As the new and growing number of synthetic dyes soon became the preferred coloring agents, use of natural dyes declined except in rural areas and remote parts of the globe. Over the decades some fiber artists who appreciated the complexity and beauty of nature’s palette preserved knowledge of natural dyeing and led a revival in the mid-twentieth century. Plant sources were employed most often, but more recently an interest in fungi and lichen dyes has emerged. This seminar offers an introduction to these lesser used dye sources. Dyeing with mushroom and lichen dyes is similar in some, but not all, ways to dyeing with plants. Learn how color can be extracted from fungi and lichens to create a predictable and lasting fiber dye in a full spectrum of soft and glowing hues. It may look like magic, but is really chemistry, physics, mycology, and more. Denise and Julie are members of the Lake Charlevoix Weavers and Spinners. They have studied mushroom and lichen dyeing at the John C. Campbell Folk School, the Interlochen Center for the Arts, and SOMA Mushroom Camp. They look forward to sharing their knowledge of these special dyes with you. No previous dyeing experience is required for this presentation. Many color samples as well as woven and knitted items using the dyed yarns will be available for examination.


110 Sashiko - Elizabeth Royal
Class Size: 15
Material Fee:  $19 for a sashiko kit

Sashiko is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching from Japan. The technique originated to reinforce or mend garments but is now used mostly as a decorative stitch. In this introductory workshop, Elizabeth will teach basic decorative Sashiko stitching techniques including turns, stitch spacing, tool use, and more. You will also learn about the history of the art and how to use Sashiko in both a decorative and functional way. 




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