Two Hour Seminars - Saturday AM

9:00 am - 11:00 am

204 - Textiles Tell a Story - Joan Sheridan

Class Size: 25
Material Fee:

Some of our most fragile historical ‘documents’ are made of yarn and fine threads. The textiles that have been preserved have often survived because they are special or loved. They each have stories to tell and lessons to teach. Joan has been collecting textiles for nearly 50 years. Her eclectic collection covers more than 200 years and includes woven, knit, crocheted, tatted and needlework techniques, which you will learn about in this talk. In addition to owning Heritage Spinning and Weaving, Joan is a regular volunteer at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation and will also share some of her museum experiences.


205 - Exploring Fractal Design  - Jennifer Moore

Class Size: 25
Material Fee: $10

A fractal is a visual design that breaks down into self-similar shapes at varying scales to create seemingly infinite designs. Although this may be somewhat daunting from a mathematical perspective, we can take a visual and intuitive approach to this concept with amazing results. We will learn some basic techniques for generating fractal designs and create a few of our own in both two and three dimensions, including a fractal pop-up.


206 Rectangle Dreams - Rhonda Buss

Class Size: 20
Material Fee: None

You’ve spent countless hours creating an incredible piece of handwoven fabric. How could you possibly cut into it and take the chance of ruining your work of art? Rectangular shapes actually lend themselves to so many wearable possibilities. Come be inspired by all the lovely garments that can be created with a simple rectangle. 


207 A Textile Journey to Peru - Margaret Jager, ChiChi VanDyke, Jeanne Hoin

Class Size: 25
Material Fee: None

When three long-time members of the Woodland Weavers and Spinners Guild from Grand Rapids joined tour guide and Peru expert Judy Ramsey for a two-week journey to Peru in November, 2017, they had little understanding about how much the trip would enhance their understanding of native South American textile art. They spent the first week enjoying the sights of Peru's famous Sacred Valley where they spent more than four days working among native artists in their villages, spinning, dyeing wool, and backstrap weaving on looms securely pegged into the ground several feet in front of the weavers. Then they spent a second week as participants in the Tinkuy 2017, Gathering of the Textile Arts, organized by Andean Textile Arts and the Center for Traditional Textiles in Cusco, where they attended lectures, watched native artists from all over the world at work, and took workshops in backstrap weaving, Andean spinning, and knitting. They were part of the audience which applauded Jennifer Moore for her study of ancient Peruvian textiles and her work among the native people. (That is when we first discovered that she would be part of this year's MLH Conference!) This presentation will include many pictures of native artists at work, as well as many examples of weaving, spinning, and other crafts which participants may examine, photograph, and otherwise enjoy, close-up and personal. Some of the most interesting photos are those of people at work, dyeing wool, spinning spindle-style with the Andean double-draw, displaying their wares at the town market, and tending their children and farm animals. For a fuller understanding of the work Jennifer did in Peru, join us! 



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