Two Hour Seminars - Saturday PM

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

208 - Taking Rigid Heddle Weaving Beyond Plainweave - Nancy Peck

Class Size: 25
Material Fee: none

An overview of many possible rigid heddle loom-controlled techniques, such as warp and weft floats, waffle, honeycomb, twills. The objective is to introduce rigid heddle loom woven textures and structures derived by using a pick up stick, string heddles, achieved with one, two or more heddles. This will be a PowerPoint presentation with samples. A great introduction to innovative weaving on a rigid heddle loom.


209 - Choosing Local Color - Donna Kallner

Class Size: 20

Material Fee:  $10 for dyed yarn and fabric swatches, fabric painted in thickened willow bark dye and access to PDF and video files to help guide you on your own local color journey

When you live where winter lasts five months, you may think you’re limited to mail-order natural dye products grown and processed elsewhere. But there’s good news for those who want the colors they weave or wear to reflect where we live: There’s a wealth of color potential in natural dyes from the Upper Midwest. This lecture/demo session introduces plant dyes you can grow yourself or forage close to home, how to get blue in a short growing season, and basic processes for dyeing protein and cellulose fibers with leaves, blossoms and barks. You’ll see how low-impact mordants and modifiers can expand the range of colors you get. And you’ll learn about sustainable harvest practices and methods that let you dye even when snow covers the ground. All levels welcome.


210 - Tapestry Experiment in Uncertainty - Anna Kocherovsky

Class Size: 25
Material Fee: none

Every artist approaches the creative process differently. Anna shares what her creative process entails, including how she comes up with ideas for new tapestries and the role that drawings play in her practice and how she learned to trust her choices of color and details during the weaving process.


211 - Multiple Warp Design - Barbara Walker
Class Size: 25
Material Fee: $10

Why be restricted to only one warp? A second (or third) warp can be used in many different ways to embellish a cloth. From stripes to networked designs, from large scale patterns to tiny dots, this lecture will convince weavers that the extra time spent in warping is worth the effort. Many examples will be available for viewing. Appropriate for experienced weavers. 



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