Cameron Taylor-Brown

Hands on Color: A Practical Exploration of Color and Fiber 

Class Size: 15
Skill Level: This workshop is appropriate for any weaver who can read a basic weave draft Material Fee: (participants pay instructor directly on the first day of the workshop) $30


Dive up to your elbows into big piles of luscious yarns and discover the exciting world of color. Gain color confidence through a practical exploration of color theory - with materials and exercises specifically geared to weavers. Explore the glorious color components of hue, value, and intensity, while noting the added effects of fiber and yarn texture. Create harmonious color compositions with monochromatic, analogous and complementary color relationships. Experience how colors mix in weave structures, brainstorm fabric design ideas and weave an original design with your new color, fiber and weaving vocabulary. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a confident “eye for color” and a notebook overflowing with beautiful color combinations, woven samples and original designs. Students will be required to bring a pre-warped 4-shaft loom. 


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