Janney Simpson

Connections, Layers, & Pockets - 1 spot available

Class Size: 12
Skill Level: This workshop is appropriate for any weaver who can warp their loom and weave based on weave drafts
Material Fee: handouts and booklet provided by instructor for $20


Deflected Double Weave (DDW) is a weave structure that has been “around” for a very long timeat least as far back as the Ancient Colonial Shawl draft published in Mary Meigs Atwater’s Recipe Book, 1957. It is has been called many things by many weavers and whether it is truly “double weave” is still debated. Traditionally, double weave is a single cloth in which there are two weaves. One warp interlaces with one weft and another warp interlaces with a second weft. Basically, 8 Shaft DDW is plain weave with adjacent warp and weft floats. In DDW, the threads from one weave float over the threads from the other weave in both the warp and weft. The two weaves lie flat, side by side, and the threads can slide towards each other. When the woven cloth is off the loom, the threads slide or “deflect” from their position into the float areas. This results in very interesting interlacements and textures. Because DDW is usually threaded odd- even in block sequences, DDW can be combined with traditional double weave to create layers, pockets, and connections all in the same piece. This technique may be used to weave dramatic shawls, scarves, and cowls with a variety of fibers and colorways. Students will be required to bring a pre-warped 8-shaft loom. Detailed warp instructions will be provided well before the workshop. 



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