2019 Conference Highlights

Thank you to the Guilds and Commercial Vendors that donated to the Conference Exhibit Prizes!



Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild

Black Sheep Weavers & Fiber Guild

Buellwood Weaver & Fiber Artists Guild

Complex Weavers


Eastside Handweavers Guild

Greater Lansing Weavers Guild

Handweavers Guild of America

Jackson Handweavers & Spinners Guild

Lakeshore Fiber Arts Guild

Michigan Weavers Guild

Midland Fiber Arts Guild

Millrace Weavers Guild

Northland Weavers Guild

Thunder Bay Weavers & Spinners

Toledo Area Weavers Guild

Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo Inc.

Woodland Weavers & Spinners Guild

Yarnwinders Fiber Guild

Michigan League of Handweavers



Georgia Yarn Company

Heritage Spinning and Weaving Shop

Jennifer Gould Designs

Schacht Spindle Company

Threadbender Yarn Shop

Weavers Loft Shop

Webs - America’s Yarn Store

Woven Art Yarn Shop

XRX Books                

Yarn Barn

Front Porch Textiles - Mary Underwood

Exhibit Winners


Fiber Art

1st Place - Priscilla Lynch - Alternation Fuge

2nd Place - Martha Brownscombe - Deer Paths in the Woods

3rd Place - Bonnie Kay - The Rose Path to Assymetry is paved with Windows and Crosses


Honorable Mention - Jenny Schu - Leaf Me Alone 2

Honorable Mention - Ellen Dekoster - Penquin

Honorable Mention - Terry Tarnow - Spirals


Viewers Choice - Martha Brownscombe - Little Sticks, Little Stones


Functional Art

1st Place - Wynne Mattila - Tulip Fields

2nd Place - Jenny Bellairs  - Defected Double Weave Blanket

3rd Place - Wynne Mattila - Think Pink


Honorable Mention - Marti McIntyre - Recorder Duet


Viewers Choice - Jenny Bellairs - Deflected Double Weave Blanket



1st Place - Helen Welford - Michigan & Santa Fe Poncho

2nd Place - Priscilla Lynch - Long Vest 2

3rd Place - Bonnie Kay - Half Hearted Harlequin Vest


Honorable Mention - Linda VanAndel - A Re-Do Vest

Honorable Mention - Anne Flora - Dancing with Flames Ensemble

Honorable Mention - Sue Ellison - Iris and Petunia Vest

Honorable Mention - Priscilla Lynch - Long Vest 1


Viewers Choice - Anne Flora - Dancing with Flames Ensemble


Fashion Accessories

1st Place - Martha Town - Not a Wallflower Anymore

2nd Place - Becca Anderson - S Curve Scarf

3rd Place - Cynthia Donakey - Flying in the Future Braclet


Viewers Choice - Martha Town - Not a Wallflower Anymore


Honorable Mention - Barb Schutzgruber - Follow the Yellow Brick Road Poncho

Honorable Mention - Marla Smith - Rhapsody in Red Stole


Special Awards

HGA Award - Wynne Mattila - Tulip Fields Rug

Complex Weavers Award - Martha Town - Not a Wallflower Anymore

Crossborders Guild Award -  Jenny Bellairs  - Defected Double Weave Blanket



Plate Challenge

1st place:  Gail Pilgrim Ross
2nd place:  Julie Hurd
3rd place:  Julie Hurd
Honorable mention:  Paula deYoung
People’s Choice:  Bonnie Kay
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