Drafting, Key to Design - Dianne Totten

One-of-a-kind handwoven garments has been Dianne Totten’s main focus with emphasis on garments using “crimp cloth,” a technique she developed and teaches nationally/internationally for guilds and conferences including Convergence. Dianne has been weaving for over 35 years and teaching for 25. She teaches weaving to beginners and beyond at the John C. Campbell Folk School. With an understanding of drafting, designing doesn’t have to be a scary word. She believes a weaver is set free to find their creativity and feel the joy that comes with carrying out their own ideas. She has been published in Handwoven, Weavers, SS&D, Complex Weavers Journal, Vävmagasinet, and Catherine Ellis’ revised book, Woven Shibori. She has won numerous awards.


Workshop Description:

Through lecture, computer software (Fiberworks PCW for PC), and drafting exercises using graph paper and worksheets, learn the basics of designing with twill, the largest family of weave structures. The twill circle, twill ratios, and fancy twills will be included, with emphasis on how to figure out tie-ups, threading and treadling options.  Bring a loom with the warp beamed but not threaded.  Pre-workshop instructions will be provided.  A twill sampler will be designed and woven in class.  Learn to “read” your pattern as you weave to eliminate the slow process of following a treadling order on paper. Using your new knowledge, design an original draft ready to use at home for your next project.  A laptop with weaving software (free demo can be downloaded), is helpful, but optional.  4, & 8 shaft looms


Class Limit: 15

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