Weaving for the Absolute Beginner (and Returning Weavers) - Joan Sheridan

Joan Sheridan is a weaver, knitter, spinner, fiber explorer and owner of Heritage Spinning and Weaving, a brick and mortar retail store, since 2000. Trained as an educator and curriculum developer by the US Army, she is a natural teacher. She attended College for Creative Studies and graduated from Wayne State University. Joan volunteers one day a week in the textile conservation department at The Henry Ford Museum. Her love for Norway has infected her weaving on both the inkle and floor looms and has led to a fascination with the krokbragd weaving technique. She has taught and presented at TNNA, MFF, CNCH, NML&WF, Midwest Fiber & Folk, The Clearing Folk School, Sauder Village Fiber Arts Festival, on-tour in Norway, SOAR and for guilds and shops. She has more than 50 published knitting patterns and has had articles in Alpaca, Handwoven, Wild Fibers, and Spin-Off magazines.


Workshop Description:

Learn to weave on a multi-shaft loom in just three days. Class is a combination of lecture and weaving. The class covers yarn selection and preparation (how to wind a warp), dressing the loom (attaching the warp to the loom), reading a pattern, weaving and finishing. You will learn terms that allow you to "talk like a weaver." In addition, you will learn about weaving ergonomics and efficiency, how to make selvedges of which you can be proud and many tips that will help you enjoy the entire weaving process. From one warp you'll weave a sampler and create enough fabric to make a tote bag or pillow.


Students must bring: a 4 shaft loom in good working order with 12 dent reed that weaves a minimum of 16" and has a minimum of 48 heddles on each shaft (floor looms preferred), lease sticks of width to match loom, raddle of at least 18", boat shuttle with at least two matching empty bobbins, and a roll of brown paper (or stiff wall paper -- pasted is perfect) that is 18" wide and 3 yards long (but no wider than the warp beam). PLEASE tune up loom by tightening all bolts/screws/connections prior to coming to class. Optional: chair or stool that allows you to work ergonomically at the loom you are bringing. Short of that, you may want to bring a pillow for the chairs provided to allow seat height adjustment.  


Class Limit: 10

Skill level: no previous weaving experience required.

Materials Fee: $65 (includes a 50+ page full-color handbook, a tool box of weaving supplies, and two cones of yarn (including a prewound warp).


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