Krokbragd - Wynne Mattila

Wynne Mattila wove her first rug in 1985 at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota and before it was finished, she knew she was a rug weaver for life.  Wynne’s goal is always to use color to its full potential to create a beautiful rug.  Two of her wool rugs, a Krokbragd and a Raanu, are in the 2013 eBook “Best of Handwoven:  Top Ten Rugs on Four Shafts.”  She has been teaching rug weaving for 20 years, focusing on good rug weaving techniques and the creative use of color.  Wynne is writing a book, “Warming the Room with Color—Weaving Finnish-Style Cotton Rugs,” in which she shares her passion for rugs and describes her artistic and weaving processes.  


Workshop Description:

Krokbragd is a traditional Norwegian design translated as “crooked path.”  It is a boundweave, meaning a plain weave shot—used once in every three shots—ties the pattern yarns together for stability and contributes to the thickness of the rug.  Krokbragd is a weft-faced weave that relies on color rotation and contrast to develop a pattern.  It is threaded on three shafts.


Wynne weaves her Krokbragd rugs with wool rug yarn on 8/5 linen warp sett at 5 epi in a 10 dent reed.  In this workshop, she introduces participants to Krokbragd’s design possibilities and emphasizes good techniques to use in rug weaving.  The planned project is 14 inches wide by 30 inches long—it will not be finished by the end of the workshop.  


Handouts include photos for inspiration, sources for linen warp and wool rug yarn, and information and illustrations on how to weave Krokbragd rugs.  Handouts will be emailed before the start of the workshop.  Participants provide their own wool rug yarn for weft and purchase their warp.  Floor looms need to be warped to the point the reed has been sleyed before the start of the workshop.


Class Limit: 10


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