Guild Exhibits

Guild Exhibit – Pandemic Creations

Share what your Guild members have been creating during this pandemic. Each MLH participating guild and their members are encouraged to enter the virtual non-juried Guild exhibit.

We ask that each Guild wishing to participate, designate an individual to inform MLH that they plan on participating and be responsible for collecting and forwarding photographs and information from their participating Guild members to

Each participating Guild, along with non-Guild affiliated MLH members, will have separate mini-exhibits displayed on the MLH website.  The deadline for submitting entries is May 1, 2021. 

Pandemic Creations Entry Process

1.  Send an email to  by March 1, 2021, indicating that your Guild will be participating in the Pandemic Creations exhibit. Be sure to provide your Guild name and the contact name and email.

2.  Have your participating local guild members take a digital photograph of their piece along with a close-up.  See the Photography Help above.

3.  Collect the photographs and following information from your participating local Guild members:

a.     Name of member

b.    Title of the piece

c.     Dimensions (height x width)

d.    Techniques used

e.     Materials

f.      Photo credit if someone other than the member took the photos.

g.    Sale price or, if not for sale, NFS

4.   Forward each individual’s photographs (as Attachments to the email, not in the body of the email) and the information in separate emails (so we can keep it all straight) to  All entries must be submitted by May 1, 2021.


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