Internet/WiFi Boosting Information

There are many of us that do not have strong internet connections.  There are ways to boost and strengthen your WiFi signal.  Check with your provider, do google searches, ask your children or grandkids.

You can also check into WiFi Hotspots. WiFi hotspots are internet access points that allow you to connect to a WiFi network using your computer, smartphone or another device.  These hotspots help people access faster internet connections than what is often available on cellular networks.

Hotspots are available from the nationwide phone companies (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint), as well as several virtual operators that use the larger carriers’ networks.  You can get hotspots from Boost (T-Mobile), NetZero (T-Mobile), H2O (AT&T), Karma (T-Mobile) and Net10 (Verizon).  Plans price ranges from free for smaller bytes/month to $100 or more.  Additionally, you may need to buy a hotspot device.

Hotspot plans change all the time.  For most of us, adding a hotspot line to our existing carrier’s phone plan as a separate line would be the easiest and most expedient.  Be sure to check out your options.



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