Judged Exhibits

Guidelines for Entrants of the Moving on to New Horizons Judged Exhibits


There will be four exhibits judged for prizes: Fashion, Fashion Accessory, Fiber Art and Functional Fiber. The following information will help you create a prize winning piece. The criteria for judging will be: Craftsmanship, Originality, Suitability to Purpose and Communication of Thought. The criteria attributes are:


Craftsmanship: Skilled work by hand or machine, attention to detail, impeccable workmanship, structural soundness. Are edges finished well? Is the display technique compatible with the piece?

Originality: New use of materials, unusual combinations of fiber, innovative structure, use of design and color, updating old patterns, lack of copying, change in concept, individual artistic growth, as well as pushing the limits of the form.

Suitability to Purpose: ‘Form follows function.’ Art made for use. How well does the piece fulfill its reason for being? Does the garment fit the body well? Is a sturdy fiber used for a rug, not a delicate baby wool?

Communication of Thought: The difficult-to-define thing that good art accomplishes, the intuitive, the spiritual idea. Emphasis is on the aesthetic qualities. Art can communicate a political statement, express feeling for beauty, pleasure, pain, awe, or celebrate color and pattern. Does the piece evoke a response?


The judges for the exhibits are:


Fiber Art – Judy Dominic

Functional Fiber – Joan Sheridan

Fashion Garments – Mary Sue Fenner

Fashion Accessories – Jenny Schu


Entry will be by photograph (and video for the Fashion exhibit). To provide the judge with as much information on your piece as possible, multiple photographs are encouraged. See the entry instructions on the following pages for more information on what photographs are expected. At the end of this booklet, some hints and links with information on how to take good photographs of your pieces are provided.


All work entered will be exhibited. The judge will critique your work and award prizes. We hope this information encourages all our members to enter something in at least one of the exhibits. Each entrant will receive the judging form with the judge’s comments. Specific information for each exhibit, such as guidelines, entry forms, and exhibit tags are included on the following pages.


First, second, and third prizes in each category are $250, $150 and $100, respectively in each of the exhibits. For this year, a Grand Prize of a free class at the John C. Campbell School will be awarded. 

General Guidelines for Entrants/Entries

  • Entrants must be MLH members
  • Only three entries per member per category
  • Work must be completed within the last two years
  • Original work only, no work from classes or workshops
  • Give credit for all sources such as patterns, verbal and written instructions
  • Entry forms with photographs must be emailed by May 1, 2021 to the email address provided for each exhibit.

On the entry form, be sure to include technique and fiber content. Under inspiration include what makes the piece special to you. 

The criteria will be weighted differently for each of the exhibits as shown below:

How to complete your judged exhibit submissions
You will be submitting your entries by email. Each exhibit, has its own email address.

Please take the required photographs (and video for the Fashion exhibit) as indicated. After you have taken your photographs, please save them to your computer/phone/device using the following naming convention:


“First name initial Last name_title of piece_ imageX”
So Jane Doe, submitting three photos of her piece “Untitled”, would save her photos as:






The photos will automatically be saved in a .jpg format. If you know how and are able to convert the image to a .tiff image, please do so. If you do not, that is OK, keep them in the .jpg format.


Attach the photos of your piece to an email in which you provide the required information and send to the address noted for the specific exhibit.


You may submit up to 3 entries per exhibit.

The deadline for submitting entries is May 1, 2021 for all exhibits

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