MLH Conference 2023 Guidelines for Entrants of the “Bridging the Peninsulas”Judged Exhibits


There will be four exhibits judged for prizes: Fashion, Fashion Accessory, Fiber Art and Functional Fiber. The following information will help you create a prize winning piece. The criteria for judging will be: Craftsmanship, Originality, Suitability to Purpose and Communication of Thought. The criteria attributes are:


Craftsmanship: Skilled work by hand or machine, attention to detail, impeccable workmanship, structural soundness. Are edges finished well? Is the display technique compatible with the piece?


Originality: New use of materials, unusual combinations of fiber, innovative structure, use of design and color, updating old patterns, lack of copying, change in concept, individual artistic growth, as well as pushing the limits of the form.


Suitability to Purpose: ‘Form follows function.’ Art made for use. How well does the piece fulfill its reason for being? Does the garment fit the body well? Is a sturdy fiber used for a rug, not a delicate baby wool?


Communication of Thought: The difficult-to-define thing that good art accomplishes, the intuitive, the spiritual idea. Emphasis is on the aesthetic qualities. Art can communicate a political statement, express feeling for beauty, pleasure, pain, awe, or celebrate color and pattern. Does the piece evoke a response?


The judges for the exhibits are:

Fiber Art – Natalie Drummond

Functional Fiber – Susan Conover

Fashion Garments – Denise Kovnat

Fashion Accessories – Janney Simpson


All work entered will be exhibited. The judge will critique your work and award prizes. We hope this information encourages all our members to enter something in at least one of the exhibits. Each entrant will receive the judging form with the judge’s comments. Specific information for each exhibit, such as guidelines, entry forms, and exhibit tags are included in this registration booklet.


First, second, and third prizes in each category are $250, $150 and $100, respectively in each of the exhibits. 



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