All Day Seminars

Two Day Seminar - All day Saturday and Sunday

Wetfelting Landscapes - Natalie Drumond

Skill level: None
Class Limit: 8
Materials Fee: $35
Student supplies: bamboo mat, netting, scissors, towels, needles suitable for needlefelting, 2” foam mat. Bring ball brausers and thrums, if you have. Most of these materials can be found at Living Felt.


Learn the basics of wetfelting a summer or winter landscape using a photo as inspiration! Explore various wools, cotton scrim, and silks for adding subtle texture of snippy skies and sunsets to creating texture on the foreground in your layout. Varying fibers can be used to create different effects.


Participants will be amazed at how the use of a pre-felt wool base will speed up the wetfelting process. Be prepared to work from a table/chair for the layout process following presentation/demonstration. The afternoon process will involve standing for several minutes in the afternoon at the end of day one. Day 2 will follow with the corrective needlefelting process to add definition, color, and additional detail of your dry wetfelting. Participants will also learn how I add further bits of thrums, handwovens, and machine- stitching via demonstration and/or Powerpoint so they will be prepared to add such detail if they wish when they return home. Finished piece is approximately 8” x 8”. 

One Day Seminars

All Day Saturday 

Whimsical Felted Bird - Martina Celerin

Skill level: None
Class limit: 20 students
Materials fee: $10
Student supplies: Scissors, notepad and pencil




In this all day seminar each participant will design a colorful bird from their imagination. By combining a variety of fiber techniques and materials we will create an unexpected and whimsical creature. Basic needle felting techniques will be demonstrated, and the instructor will introduce her favorite shortcut for making felted bodies and heads using wool yarn and sweater scraps. Techniques for attaching yarn onto the bird surfaces (to make patterns), integrating feathers and lace into the wings and tails along with a talk about techniques for dyeing wool. Finally, you will learn how to create and attach wrapped wire legs so that your bird can stand up on its own! 

Fiberworks - Martha Town

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Class Limit: 15
Materials fee: none
Student supplies: Bring your own laptop with either Free or paid version of Fiberworks PCW installed, an extension cord or power strip, notebook with pen/pencil.


Fiberworks PCW is one of the most popular weaving software programs available. It was created by Ingrid Boesel and Bob Keates who have strong connections to Michigan and MLH! This seminar will give you a hands-on introduction to the program and its use for designing your own original weave drafts. Learn to enter threadings, tie-ups, and treadlings. Understand and use many of the options programmed into the software. Learn different draft views and how to transform a draft, add color, and check float lengths.


Bring your own laptop with either a free or paid version of Fiberworks PCW in order to get the best learning experience. Note: It is not required that you bring a computer with the software to learn in this seminar.


This will be a full day seminar so that there is plenty of time to experiment and become comfortable with the basics of the program. Advanced tutorials for future use will be recommended at the end of the seminar so that you can continue using and learning this useful program.


NOTE: My experience and demonstrations utilizes an Apple computer and the Mac version of Fiberworks, however instructions for using the PC version will also be shared. 

All Day Sunday 

Spiraling into Kumihimo Designs - Ruby Leslie

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced
Class Limit: 15
Materials Fee: $30 (includes high quality foam Kumihimo disk that is set up for introductory braid; mercerized cotton yarn in full spectrum of colors; instruction booklet with diagrams, braid patterns and color photos.
Student supplies: Scissors, notebook and pen/pencil


Let’s dive down the 16-strand Kumihimo rabbit hole and spend the session learning how to turn the basic spiral design into an endless world of color and patterns from diamonds, dots and triangles to carrots, flowers, and hearts.


To learn the technique, Ruby will introduce you to the method of making braids on a foam disk, starting with a basic 4 color spiral braid. The first braid will be set up on the disk ahead of time for you. Then participants will choose from several patterns with instructions for how to set up their disks using mercerized cotton yarn, available in a rainbow assortment of colors, and dive deeper into pattern design.


You will go home with instructions for preparing the yarn, how to set up the braiding disk, braiding motions, and pattern designs along with a foam braiding disk and enough cotton yarn to create a few more braids.


Ruby will provide the foam disks and a beautiful array of mercerized cotton yarns. She will set up the first braid ahead of time so you can jump right into braiding. Then she will show you how to set up the disks, and you will be off into pattern making and a finishing technique. You will get an 8-10 page color handout with information and diagrams about setting up the disks and a variety of patterns with photos of the braids. This is an incredibly addictive fiber art and I bet that outside of class many will be sitting around braiding while other people are knitting or spinning. 

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