Saturday Afternoon

Understanding Loom Actions - Susan Conover

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced. There is something for everyone to glean and apply to their own weaving projects.

Class Limit: 20

Materials Fee: none

Student supplies: Notebook and pen/pencil


North American handweavers have been indoctrinated into the weaving world of jack loom actions. But wait…what about counterbalance and countermarch loom actions? And, of course, there is the confusion of the weaving draft itself. Is the draft written for jack, counterbalance, or countermarch looms?


Susan Conover will shed some significant light on how written weaving drafts are written for different loom actions and how you, the weaver, will be able to spot the difference.

I’ve come to the end of my warp, now what do I do? - Linda Shevel


Skill Level: None required

Class Limit: 15

Materials fee: none

Student supplies: Notebook and pen/pencil, unfinished weavings to try techniques.


See some of the options available to you when you have come to the end of your warp. The weaving is done and the decision is yours. Will your fabric have a fringe, a hem, twisted cords…? We will demo a few easy techniques that will give your handwoven items a professional finish.


There will be talking and demonstrating various techniques, and then hands-on for the students. They will be able to try on class samples. Students are encouraged to bring some of their own weaving with unfinished ends. We will be using fringe twisters.

Book Making: Travel and More Journals - Judy Dominic


Skill Level: All levels of bookmakers welcome.

Materials Fee: $3

Max number of students: 15

Student supplies: List will be sent upon registration.


Sometimes traveling means going to the grocery store or walking the neighborhood! Expand on the easy methods of making a journal to create a handy carrier fitting your needs. Using simple, everyday around-the-house supplies, be as creative as you wish in personalizing your journal. Ideas sufficient for more than one journal. 

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