Sunday Morning

Intro to Woven Shibori - Martha Town


Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced

Class Limit: 24

Materials fee: none

Student supplies: Notebook with pen/pencil


Woven Shibori is a wonderful way to combine weaving and surface design. This seminar will explore the history of woven Shibori and demonstrate the methods used to weave, gather, and dye these unique fabrics. Samples and finished woven Shibori weavings will be shared.

Introduction to the Great, Wool or Walking Wheel - Susan Conover


Skill Level: You do not need to be a hand spinner to enjoy this lecture.

Class Limit: 20

Materials fee: none

Student supplies: Notebook and pen/pencil


Susan Conover's love of the Great Wheel (aka Wool Wheel, Walking Wheel) is somewhat contagious. While working for several historic sites, she would bring her Great Wheel along to dazzle spectators. She would always gather a crowd! Susan will present a PowerPoint show highlighting the history of the treadle spinning wheel and how the Great Wheel evolved. Still used today by many hand spinners, the Great Wheel is more than a conversation piece.

Open-Twined Garlic Basket - Judy Dominic


Skill Level: Beginning + levels of basketmakers welcome.

Class Limit: 15

Materials Fee: $15

Student Supplies: apron, old bath towel, kitchen or basket shears, optional supplies: pencil, 4-6 spring type clothespins.


Keeping heads of garlic handy and off the counter can be a headache. With a bit of wall space and some round rattan reed, you can create an open-twined basket that your garlic will be proud to sit in! Choose between two rims and hanging methods to individualize your work. You will have enough material to make two baskets. Some hand strength is required.

Pushing the Boundaries of Fiber Art - Martina Celerin


Skill Level: None

Class Limit: 20

Materials Fee: None

Student supplies: Note taking supplies


We, as fiber artists love using those yummy materials to create work. The surface, the textures, the patterns, and the colors all make us giddy. I’m in the same camp, but I want to go further. I’m exploring how I can incorporate other media, unconventional materials, and non-traditional techniques into fiber art, thereby enhancing the story that’s held within each of my weavings. 

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