Denise Kovnat

Weaving Outside the Box: Creating Dimensional Fabrics - Denise Kovnat


Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced weavers

Class size: 18 students

Student supply list: shuttles, bobbins, winder, yarn and scissors, notebook with pen or pencil

Materials fee: $40 includes S/H for the book “Weaving Out of the Box”


Color and structure are usually cited as the two most expressive elements in weaving, while texture is overlooked. When we weave with three-dimensional pleats, curves, and forms, we can create cloth with the organic lines and shapes of nature. Using certain structures, active and inactive yarns, and finishing techniques, this workshop looks at how to expand your weaving repertoire to create “tactile art.” You will choose your project from my new book, “Weaving Outside the Box: 12 Projects for Creating Dimensional Cloth,” arriving at the workshop with your loom dressed and ready to go. The instructor will be mailing each book and contacting each student around six weeks prior to the workshop to select their pattern. For: 4 to 16-shaft looms.

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