Judy Dominic

Basketry from the Ground Up - Judy Dominic


Skill level: No prior experience necessary but welcomed.

Class Limit: 20

Materials fee: $40

Student supplies: kitchen scissors/basket shears, old bath towel, pencil, measure, bucket/basin, masking tape, 6 spring clothespins, large eye blunt end tapestry needle (metal or plastic), medium to thick diameter yarn that will fit through needle eye. Optional: any interesting/familiar materials (natural/ man-made) you wish to try/use to supplement what instructor brings (flat or round and supple - at least when soaked).


Whether you are a newbie or an accomplished basketmaker – or anywhere in between - work with the four basic techniques of basketry (coiling, twining, plain weave and plaiting) plus some extra wild-card techniques while creating small functional or decorative projects. Skills will be challenged, and individual expression encouraged as your understanding of basic basketry theory expands. 

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