Linda Shevel

Saori Inspired Weaving - Linda Shevel


Skill Level: None

Class Limit: 12

Materials Fee: $50

Student Supplies: Students should bring a loom, any 2-shaft loom, including a Rigid Heddle or a loom warped as a 2-shaft, warped 16 to 20 inches wide by 6 to 8 yards/meters long. I will be able to bring looms for some students who prefer that for an additional materials fee. Students will also need to bring scissors and whatever shuttle/shuttles they use with their loom.


Weaving is a joy when there are no rules, no patterns and no mistakes to make. If this is first experience weaving, you’ll delight in the ease of weaving within a few minutes of basic instruction. If you are an experienced traditional weaver, this workshop will allow you the freedom to just weave, with little to no care for your tension, selvedge, thread count… you too will begin to relax at the loom as you select colors, pass the shuttle back and forth, and gently press threads into place. Create hand-woven work that comes from within, never able to be duplicated.


Many techniques that add texture and design will be introduced, unconventional materials woven, finishing techniques shown, clothing design introduced… We’ll take inspiration from and encourage each other, try new things, and weave as no machine can do. You’re invited (but not required) to bring any materials you’d like to include in a weaving. Possibilities are endless.

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