Martina Celerin

Dimensional Weaving- Martina Celerin


Skill Level: None

Class limit: 20 students

Materials fee: $10 Student supplies:

Students are welcome to bring additional yarns and materials from home, scissors, notepad and pencil, beads and ideas or a sketch.


Weaving Using Reclaimed and Recycled Materials

Students will be introduced to a tapestry style of weaving on a simple nail frame loom with pick up sticks (batons). Using reclaimed and recycled materials, many textures and structures will be incorporated and students will work outside of traditional weaving conventions. Participants may want to do some sketches and/or bring weaving ideas, or just let their piece evolve as they are weaving it.


Demonstrations of weaving with multiple strands, mixing yarn types and weaving with nonconventional “yarns” as well as the Soumak weave technique. Students will be encouraged to incorporate at least some of this weave structure into their piece in preparation for day 2.



On day 2 we now have a base for the dimensional crochet. Students can experiment with incorporating yarn tufts, as well as weaving with wire, to adding reclaimed beads into their piece.


Wet felting balls and noodles using three different fibers (Shetland, Merino top and Merino noil) to create simple wet felted structures that can be stitched onto their weaving creation. We will then shift to wrapping and students will be able to create wire enhanced yarn covered structures that can be made into bendable solid tubes of various diameter. Embroidery and stitching beads further embellished the piece.


Needle Felting Sculptures for Weaving

The focus for day 3 will be needle felting, especially as it can be used to create free-standing creatures or objects that can be incorporated into a weaving. We will begin with a wet felted base and then use needle felting to adjust the shape. We will use dyed wools and yarns to add color and detail to the evolving structures. Students experienced in needle felting are welcome to make a sculpture of their choice. Newbies may want to begin with a decorative ball/ornament. Each stage of this project will be described and demonstrated. There is a 3-page handout that describes all of the details and the instructors’ contact information.


NOTE: All materials are supplied by the Instructor including the simple nail frame loom, shuttles, forks, pick up sticks, yarns etc.

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