Ruby Leslie

Bumberet: A Weaver’s Recipe for 4-Shaft Ribs and Chicken Feet - Ruby Leslie


Skill level: Beginner-Advanced

Class limit: 15

Materials fee: $95 (includes custom-wound warp, tailored to each participants loom and warping method and mailings costs to ship. Warps are packaged with complete instructions for dressing the loom; weft yarns; workshop notebook (20 pages in color) Students supplies: Workshop looms in good working order (floor or table) with 4 shafts (no rigid heddle or Klik looms), minimum width of 8”; dressed with pre-wound warp and ready to weave first day of workshop. A detailed supply list will sent from instructor after you have registered.


Hungry for a hearty, versatile weave structure? Whether you pronounce bumberet as “bum-ber-et” or “bum-ber-ay” this 4-shaft weave structure is a delight to work with. Usually thought of as a warp dominant textured weave producing ribs (or chains), it can also be woven as flat cloth with a chevron pattern that looks like chicken feet (or hearts)! Ruby will explain various ways to set up the threading, tie-up and treadling to produce a variety of patterns.


You’ll learn how to introduce complex color patterns in a weave structure that is not often thought of as an example of “color and weave” and be on your way to designing unique cloth. Fabric samples will be woven using cotton, cottolin, tencel and bamboo yarns to see how Bumberet works with different fibers. Ruby will demonstrate various methods for winding complex color patterns without a paddle as well as her method for designing yarn wrappings to sample warp color relationships. 


This is a round robin workshop with warps that are custom-wound according to your method of dressing your loom and mailed to you 3–4 weeks before the conference. Instructions for weaving all the sample drafts will be included in the workshop booklet. 

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