Susan Moran

Stitch Resist and Stitchery - Susan Moran


Skill level: Beginner-Advanced

Class limit: 10

Materials fee: $25


This workshop will cover Japanese Shibori (resist-dye) methods, with stitched and embroidered embellishment and collage. The first day will focus on dyeing, with an emphasis on stitch-resist patterns and methods. There will be an overview of Japanese shibori, and participants will create a series of samples. We will make group dyebaths using fiber-reactive dyes. Students will have access to the instructor’s Big Bag of Samples for research and inspiration. On day 2 we will continue with a second round of dyebaths and sample work. There will be a demonstration of basic embroidery techniques to embellish the previously dyed fabrics. The final day will cover collage techniques and students will finalize one of their samples by enhancing their resist-dye designs with surface stitching and collage. Participants will receive handouts on dyebath recipes and embroidery stitches.


Students will receive a materials list in advance of the workshop. Dyes and chemicals will be provided as well as a small amount of fabric. 

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