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The following is a list of teachers throughout the State of Michigan and surrounding areas that are available to present programs on the various aspects of the Fiber Arts - updated January 2015


Pamela J. Arquette
Pinckney, MI
Phone 734-954-0007
Web Page:
  • “Tying One On” How to tie and wear scarves – Lecture only 

Other requirements: Mileage, Food and Overnight Lodging, if required. Lodging in host home is fine. MLH areas served: All

JoAnn Bachelder

Bay City, MI 
Phone 989-892-3013

  • Altered Surfaces - workshop
  • Color - lecture
  • Color Dye Gamp - workshop
  • Diaper - Noun, Verb, or Adjective? - lecture
  • Diaper - a Gold Mine of Opportunity - workshop
  • Drafting Revisited - lecture/seminar
  • Dimity: From the 15h Century to the New Millennium - lecture/seminar
  • Finishing - lecture/seminar
  • Levels, Layers, Strata, Position - lecture
  • Overshot - lecture
  • Overshot: ‘Manners of Weaving’ - workshop
  • Motifs in Overshot - lecture, workshop
  • Stripes - lecture, workshop
  • Three Shaft Weaves: When Less is More - lecture/seminar, workshop
  • Towels: Transcending Tradition - lecture/seminar, workshop
  • Transition: Hobby to Business - lecture
  • Weaving Manuscripts - Treasures for Today - workshop

Other Requirements: Mileage, food and overnight lodging, if required. Lodging in a host home is fine.

MLH areas served: All


Lois Bryant
Ann Arbor, MI 

  • Multi-harness weaving; Jacquard weaving, hand embroidery, color
  • “Mysterious, Marvelous Color: From Basic to Magic!” 2 day workshop
  • “Marvelous, Magical Color for Handweavers” 2 or 3 day workshop
  • “Double Weave Magic Made Easy” 2, 3 or 4 day workshop

Requirements: Food, Lodging, Travel (airfare or mileage)


Gisela Bosch
Brighton, MI 

Workshops / Lectures offered:

  • Round Robin Linen Lace Workshop
  • Harrisville Color Weave Sampler Workshop
  • Doubleweave Workshop
  • Chenille Scarf Workshop
  • Namedrafting
  • Learn to Knit the European Way
  • Sock Knitting
  • Weaving Workshop – Bed & Breakfast
  • Shadow Weave – Round Robin Workshop

All Workshops have a per person material fee plus a supply list.

Other requirements: Travel and Food, lodging in host home (prefer nonsmoker) or motel. MLH areas served: All


Su Butler
Woodstock, IL 
Phone: 815-337-6657
web site:

  • Understanding Rayon Chenille
  • Untying the Mysteries of Tied-Unit Weaves
  • Color Interaction for Handweavers
  • Surface Design for Handweavers
  • Easy Pickup
  • Beginning Warp Painting
  • Warp Painting
  • Beginning Weave Drafting
  • Rug Weaving – Taquette, Samitum and More!

Other requirements: Non-smoking, pet-free environment. Private bed and bath. Healthy diet – i.e., fruit, veggies, salads, etc., plenty of bottled water. MLH areas served: All


Nancy Crampton

269 344-6799




  • Beginning Weft-faced Rugs (workshop)

  • Tapestry Basics (workshop)

  • Adapting Cardweaving Patterns to a Four-shaft Loom (workshop)

  • Beginning Weaving Bootcamp (workshop)

  • Rosepath Rag Rugs (workshop)

  • Rag Rugs: Beyond Plain Weave (workshop)

    Other requirements: Mileage, meals and lodging. All MLH areas served.


Jochen Ditterich
Grand Rapids, MI 
616-361-9809 or 616-304-5337
Website -

  • Blankets – Lecture Blankets – Workshop
  • Weaving Hints and Helpful Tools

Other requirements: Mileage; lodging in host home if overnight stay is required. MLH areas served: All


Judy A. Dominic
Harrison, OH 
H: 513-367-0710, C:513-515-1095


Workshops / Lectures offered:

  • Mudcloth - Modified Bogolan Fini 
  • Natural Dying Serendipity
  • Capture That Thought (simple bookbinding and journal making, artist books)
  • Practically Perfect Paper (recycling method)
  • Actually Perfect Paper (plant method)
  • Scrumble Rumble - freeform knitting and crochet
  • String Theory
  • Soft Sculpture Twining
  • Basics of Basketry - Plait, Plain Weave, Twine, Coil
  • Wool Drying Basket
  • Random Weave Basketry
  • Double Pie Basket, Ribbed Style
  • Gutsy Stuff 
  • Market Basket

Fees: All workshops have a per person material fee plus supply list. Images of projects supplied on request.

Other requirements: Travel and food; lodging in host home (prefer nonsmoker) or motel. MLH areas served: All


Anne Flora

Tecumseh, MI 

  • Felted Clutch Purses and Cloche Hats (2 day workshop)
  • Shibori Dyeing Workshop (2 day workshop)
  • Nuno-Felted Scarf Workshop (2 day workshop)
  • Felted Mittens and Berets (2 day workshop)
  • Felted Slippers (1 day workshop)

Minimum number of students is 6 and maximum is 9

Will stay with a guild host no dietary restrictions Travel and mileage



Mary Sue Fenner

Abrams, WI

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  • Jacket trunk show and Sewing a One-of-a-Kind Jacket - trunk show includes  30+ jackets to try on and photograph. Jacket class suitable for all fiber artists, from weavers to felters to quilters.

Mileage and travel are extra

Will travel to Michigan, via SS Badger or fly, depending on season

Housing, I am flexible

Each student needs a long table, coat rack, hangers, basic sewing set up for class.



Jennifer Gould
Byron Center, MI 

  • Dolls by Contemporary Dollmakers
  • Designing Dolls Dolls from Handwoven Fabrics – Lecture
  • Dolls from Handwoven Fabrics – Workshop
  • See-Through Dolls
  • Make a Face — and Hands, Too! – Lecture
  • Make a Face and Hands – Workshop
  • Surface Design on Fabric – Lecture
  • Surface Design on Fabric: Printing and Painting – Workshop
  • Surface Design on Fabric: Embellish with the Sewing Machine – Workshop
  • Photo Transfer Techniques for Fabric – Lecture
  • Photo Transfer Techniques for Fabric – Workshop
  • The Evolution of My Work
  • Fabric Collage
  • So, You Want to Be A Self-Employed Artist?
  • Fabric Patterning with Discharge - Lecture
  • Fabric Patterning with Discharge - Workshop
  • Contemporary Embroidery: from Surface Design to the Stitched Mark- lecture 
  • Contemporary Embroidery: from Surface Design to the Stitched Mark- 2 or 3 day workshop
  • Dyeing for blue - indigo dyeing with shibori techniques - lecture 
  • Dyeing for blue - indigo dyeing with shibori techniques - 2 or 3 day workshop

Other requirements: Mileage (current IRS rate), food, and lodging (if over 2-hour drive from Grand Rapids). MLH areas served: All


Sue Holdaway-Heys
Ann Arbor, MI 
Phone 734-971-4980
web page:

  • The Frosting on the Cake Sources of Inspiration For My Art Quilts and How I create Them
  • Hollyhock or Sunflower design - all day workshop

Other requirements: 48 cents mileage (or current IRS rate), Lodging if needed. MLH areas served: All


Bonnie Inouye
Weaving, Design
Address from September through May 
Hyattsville, MD  (near Washington D.C.)

Address all Summer:
Crested Butte, CO 
Phone in Maryland: 301.422.8926
Phone in Colorado: 970.349.5801
website: www.bonnieinouye.comWorkshops:

  • The Big Twill
  • Autumn and Springtime: Beyond Summer and Winter
  • Advance!
  • Opposites Attract
  • Design with Textures
  • Loom-Controlled Imagery
  • Creating Drafting with Fiberworks

For descriptions, details and photographs visit my website. Requirements: Transportation, meals and a place to stay.


Leslie Johnson
Eaton Rapids, MI 
Phone: 517-663-0357
e-mail: rivloom@sbcglobal.netWorkshops
  • Beginning Inkle weaving (one-day)
  • Advanced Inkle weaving (one-day)
  • Weaving rag rugs (one or two days)

All MLH areas. One day: $250. Two days: $450. Fee plus mileage, lodging, food. One-day crash course in rag rug weaving in my home studio: $150. Beginning weaving lessons in my home studio: $150 for six 2-hour sessions.



Karen Koykka O’Neal Out of Hand Papermaking Studio
Ann Arbor, MI

Phone: 734-665-2242 Phone; 734-769-2683  Cell:734-776-1048


  • A Basket is an Extension of Your Hand  - Lecture

  • Papyrus - The Ancient Internet  -  Lecture/Demonstration

  • The Secret Life of Paper  -  Lecture

  • Hand Papermaking - Workshop

  • From Plants to Paper  -  Workshop

Other requirements: Mileage and lodging if you are far away!

         MLH areas served: All



Kati Reeder Meek
Treehouse Handweaving Studio

Alpena, MI 
Phone: 989-358-0162


  • For Love of Lithuanian Weaving
  • Weaving with Long-eyed Heddles
  • Whacking Your Warp
  • Tartans – The Designing
  • Tartans – The Weaving
  • Tartans – The Wearing
  • Lustrous Linens, 3-day workshop
  • Tedious Terrible Tremendous Tartans 3-day worship (includes the Michigan tartan)
  • There Must be 50 Ways to Weave your Tartan 3-day workshop

Other requirements: travel expenses, meals and lodging. MLH served: All


Kris Miller Spruce Ridge Studios
Howell, MI
Phone 517-546-7732

  • Primitive Rug Hooking

Other requirements: Mileage and lodging if required to stay overnight.


Loretta Oliver

  • “Evolution of a Felter” – Digital presentation about my fiber experiences 1 hour
  • “Felt Amulets” 1.5 hours
  • “Felt Tulip & Poppy Corsage” 3 Hours
  • “Wavy Woven Felted Fabric Condensed” 6 hours
  • “Felting on Silk and Microwave Dyeing” 2 days
  • “Create a Workshop” Workshops can be desinged to fit the needs of your group.

Willing to stay with a Guild Hostess. Mileage, Meals and lodging 


Martha Reeves

Workshops and seminars offered:
       .  Bead Leno
       .  Fiber Jewelry
For more information, go to web site:


Mary Lulich

Shelby, MI 
Phone: 231-861-0022

I teach the following:

  • Beginning weaving
  • Calculating Warp and Weft (plus use of McMorran Balance)
  • Warping methods: Board, Reel, Paddle, Trapeze, Sectional Beaming, Threading, Sleying and Weaving
  • In Home Studio: Offer retreats with room and board. Day classes.

Willing to travel.



            JENNY SHU

East Lansing, MI 48823


·         My Artwork's Journey

·         Combining Beaded Stitches

·         My 2014 Artist Residencies


·         Beadweaving Beginning Tow-Drop Peyote Stitch,

·         Beadweaving: St. Petersburg Chain Bracelet,

·         Beadweaving Russian Leaf (one day),

·         Beadweaving Russian Leaf and variations (2-3 Day)

Housing: Hotel or guild member's house is fine

Presentation needs: Display Tables, Digital Projector

MLH area you are willing to serve:  Anywhere! Depending on when the meeting is/how far there may need to be overnight plans available.


Kathy Zasuwa
Milford, MI 
Phone 248-684-0695

  • Basic Drawing: Creating Imagery for Woven Cloth – Lecture or Workshop
  • Creative Process: Clearing the Path and Finding the Flow – Lecture
  • Clearing a Path: Creative Commitment
  • Beyond the Basics in Moorman Inlay – Lecture
  • Beyond Basics in Moorman Inlay – Workshop Description

Other requirements: Mileage; lodging if overnight stay required. MLH areas served: All


Martha Town
Pittsford, MI  49271
517-567-8989 evenings

Workshop and Lecture:
    Twill possibilities

Other requirements: Mileage; lodging if overnight stay required. MLH areas served: All


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