Brenda Osborn

A Tapestry Weaver’s Tool Kit


In this workshop Brenda Osborn will teach basic tapestry techniques in the traditional Gobelins weaving style, which was used throughout northern Europe from the Middle Ages to current times.  These techniques enable the weaver to achieve highly visual tapestries, from portraits and landscapes to abstract images.  The techniques covered will include: Weaving in opposing sheds, the tension differences between weaving small shapes and larger shapes, hitching on and off for beginning and ending wefts, weaving angles of varying degrees, weaving a circle, inking on the warp for details.


​And if time permits-- Making use of these techniques to “take a line for a walk” by weaving a sketch made by the student.


If time allows, we may also explore some color blending techniques, including blending colors on the bobbin and the hachure technique.  Additionally, the instructor would like to help each student develop an idea for a tapestry to be woven after the workshop ends. Three-day workshops are challenging for learning new techniques in such a short time.  The instructor will work to help you gain enough knowledge to pursue some of these techniques on your own and give information on where to take these ideas further.


Skill level: It is helpful if students are cloth weavers who have a basic understanding of weaving, but it is not necessary for them to have woven a tapestry before this class.  


Max enrollment: 8


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