Laura Viada

The Art of Transparency


Transparencies are fun to weave and present a wealth of opportunities for expression and design. A close relative of the tapestry, the distinguishing characteristic of the transparency is the contrast between opaque areas of pattern inlay and the sheer background cloth.  Transparencies can be stand alone art pieces, or they can be functional items such as window coverings, table linens, and wearables. 


This workshop introduces students to basic transparency weaving techniques, and to all the possibilities transparency offers.  On day one, we will explore the basics -- yarns, sett, and weaving techniques, creating shapes, etc.  On day two, we will explore design sources and methods and students will create an original cartoon.  On day three students may continue experimenting with yarns and techniques and/or weave from the cartoon designed on day two.  A substantial amount of time will be devoted to weaving on each of the 3 days.   


Skill levelAll levels.  Anyone who can warp a loom and weave plain weave can enjoy this workshop.


Class limit: 15


Materials fee: $25

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