Lucienne Coifman

Beyond Rep Weave, exploring Rep Weave and its new variations



In this workshop, participants will learn the many applications of Rep Weave. Starting with a Classic Rep weave draft, inspired by weaves such as Shadow, Honeycomb, Krokbragd, Twill and warp/weft Rep, we will explore the possibilities of undulations, floats, skips, crosses and cells. Every loom will be set up in advance with a different draft, variety of fiber, sett, technique. We will study each sample through drafting and color interactions. Participants will be working on their own looms but may be willing to share samples or allow photographs for record keeping. In addition, a large selection of finished pieces will be available for individual study. Students will go home with a complete portfolio of all the drafts used in the workshop.


Skill level: intermediate to advance. Ability to read a draft and set up the loom accordingly. This workshop is best for weavers who have done some Rep Weave previously.

Maximum participants: 15

Material Fee: $20:00 Portfolio of at least 10 different drafts, Booklet of drafting Rep Weave and exercises.



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