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Learning Grant Fund

Please Consider Making a Donation to the Learning Grant Fund




What is the Learning Grant:

MLH has established a fund to be used for learning grants awarded to MLH members to encourage them to attend MLH Conferences and Workshops, attend other fiber-related conferences, or to take part in other organized fiber-related educational programs. Many members have benefited from this fund over the years. This fund is supported by MLH money set aside for this purpose in a Memorial Learning Grant Endowment Fund. Guilds and individuals have made contributions to the fund in memory of members who have passed away or to honor MLH members. For a number of years now we have encouraged members to add to their dues payment to help fund this endowment. These contributions are placed in the endowment fund. The Interest generated by the fund is used to support the grants. The principle is not used. This is a wonderful way to honor your fiber friends and guild members and at the same time support this worthwhile program.


The Learning Grant opportunity is a benefit of belonging to MLH, these grants are intended for those wishing to pursue further education in weaving and related fiber arts. You may have been inspired by the work of one of our conference or workshop instructors and would like to further your understanding of their subject, or, at the national level, you have been dreaming of attending one of the workshops at Convergence or another conference. Consider applying for the MLH Learning Grant. This grant is available to all members of MLH and are awarded once each year at the Spring Board meeting . The grants are not intended to be needs-based but to provide assistance to members who would like to increase their knowledge. Interested individuals should return the application form along with the required recommendation letter.


If you would like more information, contact the Learning Grant chairperson: Martha Town at mtown@frontiernet.net



Learning Grant Applications will be accepted until Spring Board Meetings
These applications will be considered by the MLH Board at their Spring meeting. If you need more information, contact the Learning Grant Chairperson



The Learning Grant Fund has been created to promote educational opportunities in the fiber arts and carries the following guidelines:


1. The applicant must be a member in good standing of the Michigan League of Handweavers. The MLH defines a member is good standing as any person who has been a continuous paid member for the 12 months prior to submission for a grant.


2. Learning grants are granted for a specific fiber workshop, conference, costs of final application expenses for the H.G.A. Certificate of Excellence or other formal instruction. They are not awarded for vague further study. Funds awarded may be used by the recipient to cover the cost of the class, related workshop supplies and room and board during the period of study. Learning Grants will be awarded once each year at the Spring Board meeting.


3. If an applicant wishes to reserve a place at an MLH conference or workshop, they will need to register and pay the fees required.  MLH will then reimburse the applicant once the Learning Grant has been approved.


4. The maximum amount of each award is $300 for an MLH Conference or Workshop. An award, not to exceed $150 may be given to help defray the cost of other fiber-related educational activities.


5. An applicant may receive a grant once every four years, unless the applicant can demonstrate extenuating circumstances, which will be considered by the MLH Executive Board.


6. Learning Grants are limited to one award per guild per year.


7. The candidate must complete the Learning Grant application form. A letter of recommendation from his/her guild president or secretary must accompany the application. Non-guild MLH members may request such a letter from any MLH Executive Board member.


8. The Learning Grant Chairperson must receive the completed application no later than one week prior to the Spring Board meeting. This will allow the Learning Grant Chairperson to present the request to the board for consideration.


9. The Learning Grant Chairperson will notify awardees in writing or via e-mail immediately following the Spring Board meeting.


10. Learning Grants are nontransferable and must be used for the specific purpose for which they were awarded.


11. All Learning Grant recipients are encouraged to present a program segment, a mini-workshop,  write an article for the MLH Newsletter on the results of the Learning Grant experience or to send a thank you note to be published in the newsletter.

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