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Carol Irving Exhibit - A Weaver’s Journal of Endangered Wildflowers


Exhibit Schedule:

October 19 - November 15, 2018 - Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, Birmingham, MI

March 25 - May 20, 2019 - Central Mich. Univ. Gallery, Mount Pleasant, MI

October 18 - November 23, 2019 - Fine Creative Arts Center, St. Charles, IL

January 1 - February 28, 2020 - DeVos Art Museum, Northern MI Univ., Marquette, MI


A Weaver’s Journal of Endangered Wildflowers is like a journey, connecting me to my roots of botanical studies and love of plants and wildflowers. I have accepted the challenge: turning woven yarn into soil, forest litter, plants and leaves. Concerned for the future of all threatened species, Michigan’s Wildflowers are near and dear to me.  Michigan has many unique habitats and is home to many endangered and special species of plants. This woven series of Michigan’s Endangered Wildflowers will bring attention to their threatened and sometimes endangered status.         


"Michigan has many unique habitats and is home to many endangered and special species of plants.  This exhibit will include 12 Handwoven Wall Hangings, bringing attention to Michigan's Endangered Wildflower Species. These Wall Hangings represent a new direction in my work, drawing on my education in Botanical Sciences and love of my natural surroundings. This entry is a reflection of my interests, travels and research in the botanical world of Michigan. With this entry I hope to bring attention to Michigan's many Wildflowers and those that we are in danger of losing.”


Detroit born, Carol Irving moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at the age

of 24. Before her move to the Upper Peninsula she had earned a degree in Botany, lived in New Mexico and then Oregon, and always had a love for art, particularly fiber arts. She had taken an introductory class in weaving while in college and began to explore this art form on her own. Over the many years, she has fine tuned her craft into an art. She has taken many workshops from noted weavers including British Rug Weaver, Peter Collingwood.



Currently she divides her time between her family, a working studio, and as

an accountant for a growing computer services company. When she is not calculating numbers for her job she can be found in her weaving studio calculating what she will need to create her next project. In 2013 - 2016, her weavings go in a new direction, exploring new design elements and colors and how they interplay. Her works can be found in private and public collections. 

She hopes to share her love of fiber and color with those who view her work.

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