MLH to Launch Statewide Study Group 

Who among us doesn't like to eat?  So let's use a cooking metaphor!


Are you the type of cook (weaver) who:

a) opens the fridge and starts cooking (i.e. picks up some yummy weaving thread and lets it speak to you?)

b) uses a recipe (magazine, book, weaving projects) and then follows directions with no changes?

c) uses a premade dinner . . . fresh, boxed or frozen (buys a kit on-line)?

d) opens the cookbook then modifies a recipe depending on what is in your fridge (modifies a pattern from a magazine or a book)?

e) goes to a restaurant to eat (just enjoys good weaving conversation but doesn't want to, or doesn't have the time to--make anything right now)?


If you answered a, b, c, d, or e, our study group might interest you.  The topic for 2024 - 2025 is "Design".   Both new and experienced weavers should find the study group challenging and helpful in furthering exploration about design possibilities.  The focus on design also applies to all forms of weaving.  The avenues for exploration are endless. 


Marge Sumner and Mary Underwood represent a wide range of weaving experience so they can relate to all levels of weavers.  Resources, ideas, guidance, encouragement, self-critique.  All of these topics/skills go into good design.  It's never too early or too late to study or improve design skills.  In our first meeting we'll be asking members to submit their favorite resources that can be compiled into a bibliography for group members.  And we'll begin a list of the many ways one can initiate design ideas.  


When and How ?


When:  7:00 the first Wednesday of every month beginning in September


Where:  via Zoom with the intention of having an annual meet-up at an MLH function; or encouraging at least one meet-up regionally among nearby guilds.


How:  Email

 You can join at any time, but we strongly suggest you make the first meeting.


What else:  We'll definitely be encouraging members of this study group to submit a study or completed project to display at our MLH event.  




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