Betty Shanahan

I took my first weaving class at Chicago Weaving School in May 2014 and have been hooked ever since. I consider myself an advanced beginner, although with retirement not too far off, I hope to have much more time to learn and practice.


My niece (and goddaughter) was married on September 12. Her spirit and willingness to continually adapt meant that her wedding was a happy event in the midst of the pandemic. I wanted to surprise her with a stole that was inspired by her wedding dress. The design and colors were intended to echo her soft, flowing ivory dress with champagne colored lace accents. Since there will never be a better reason to try a very luxurious fiber, I splurged on Bombyx silk. The fiber was beautiful to work with and the stole was so soft and draped beautifully. This milestone in the life of a very special woman inspired me to tackle an ambitious project. The resulting stole and the bride’s spirit will continue to inspire me to expand my projects.



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Bridget’s Wedding Stole

68” (plus 8” fringe) x 19.5”

8-shaft loom. Undulating twill at 28epi and 28ppi

Warp 100% Bombyx Silk in Natural from Treenway Silk. Weft 100% Bombyx Silk in Champagne from Treenway Silk

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