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It really is funny how I got into weaving too.  I’ve got lots of other hobbies and when my husband (Bob) said he always thought it would be fun to weave (rugs) I said not me— the warping looks too complicated.  So I’d go to Baker Allegan Studio with him and I brought a book to read while he wove.  Well Deb is an enthusiastic teacher and she wanted me to watch and help with warping Bob's loom that he was purchasing———and pretty soon I was hooked.  Deb is so easy going, she makes everything feel like a success!  I also have a weaver friend in Battle Creek who I call for advice—my mentor.  She’s woven for years and I’ll try to get her to join MLH.


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In autumn of 2017 my husband took weaving lessons from Deb at Baker Allegan Studios.  I was a spectator but soon wanted a loom and some fiber of my own!  I purchased a table loom and then quickly decided I needed an 8 shaft Baby Wolf.  We are now a three loom family.  I love weaving and am even getting used to the challenges of warping.
This is a dish towel which measures 16 x 24”.
Strickler Pattern #225. 
Brassard 8/2 cotton. 

In October 2018 my husband and I took a Doubleweave blanket class from Tom Knisely at Red Stone Glen!  It’s the largest item I’ve woven!  It was great fun interacting with the others in class, of various skill levels with an interesting variety of blankets.  The concept of double weave was and still is mind boggling!

I chose colors I liked and designed a random plaid
It measures 60 x 80”. 
Plain weave. 
Wool yarn: Harrisville Highland.

I recently wove this scarf on my table loom as a gift for a friend.  I learned about weaving with a delicate yarn!


Cool Hues Scarf,
measures 9 x 68”
plain weave,  
Warp: violet rayon, Weft: hand dyed mohair boucle (Betty Todd -Mohair in Motion),
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