Cheri Skomra

From an early age I have been interested in art.  I took craft workshops on basket weaving, macrame and pottery.  I participated in juried art shows in the 70's sculpting salt dough ornaments “Yuletide Tots”, sold through Jacobson’s and the Mole Hole stores across the country.  In the 80's I was given a Leclerc loom and took weaving classes from Bessie Lowrey, a weaver working at Greenfield Village.  As button jewelry became popular, I collected hundreds of buttons and was energized arranging these treasurers into jewelry pieces.  I sold hundreds of my pieces at local arts and craft sales.  I have sold buttons from my collection at the MLH Market Place.


My last year at the University of Michigan, I took my first fine arts class on painting.  When I moved to Highland, Michigan, I joined the Black Sheep Weavers Fiber Guild (BSW) and a whole world of art opened for me. I have focused on beading and art quilting.  I attended Convergence and joined the MLH.  Attending the Bead & Button annual conferences I have expanded my beading skills.  I continue as a member of the MLH, the BSW, and joined the Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan (NTGM), the Ann Arbor Fiber Guild (AAFG) and the American Quilters Society (AQS).




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The Genesis quilts are two in a series.  The fabrics are designs by Australian Aboriginal artists.  When completed they suggested the Bible’s Genesis.  “And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed…And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed…”

Genesis, Chapter 1, Verse 11

30 Inches X 17.5 Inches




This quilt was pieced with many of the sections machine and hand embroidered on the edges to secure and accent the segments.  Hand embroidery was used to create additional “seeds” of creation.  This quilt was hand stitched with “seeds.”  Beads and French knots also embellished this quilt.

GENESIS, Chapter 1, Verse 12

21.25 Inches X 18.25 Inches




This quilt was pieced and machine quilted.  The fabrics were fussy cut from Aboriginal designs depicting food and flower symbols as well as the sun.


5.75 Inches across focal area with total length of 22 inches




As the owner of a hard drive shredding business, I am inspired by the various e-waste components.  The center of the main focal piece is a fan from an Apple laptop.  The center is augmented with circuit boards from laptops.  These e-waste components are mounted on fabric that have been embroidered with beading.  The strap carries the design elements in beads from the focal piece connecting to a silver colored chain.


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