Cory Zann

My love of weaving began my senior year of college when a friend bought a floor loom and insisted I try it. After four shuttle throws I was hooked and had to stop. Learning to weave would consume the focus I needed to finish school. Years later, after moving to Kalamazoo and beginning my first job, this same friend announced one day, that she had signed me up for my first weaving class which would begin in four days. A week after that I bought a table loom. Shortly after that, joined the Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo. Eventually, when space and resources permitted, I bought a floor loom.
I enjoy weaving for the joy of creating cloth as well as the physical motion of the weaving process itself. I weave simple shapes of clothing that focus on the fabric and functional items for home use.  I have also participated in a number of sales. I enjoy working with customers, showing them the multiple uses of hand woven items, and the versatility of hand woven garments. While I enjoy designing and weaving patterns, I especially enjoy the challenge of creating mixed warps, combining yarns of various colors and textures into one-of-a-kind fabrics. But most of all, I love weaving because even the most meticulously planned project can hold surprises, sometimes unwanted, but sometimes gems that change the intended direction of a piece. These keep weaving forever new and exciting.
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This piece was inspired by the cobblestones of old New England streets. 
7 inches x 82 inches
Deflected Double Weave ( Madelyn van der Hoogt, Handwoven January-February 2002).
The cells are woven in three different sizes to reflect the uneven sizes of old cobblestones.
Warp: gray alpaca 36/2 @ 8950 ypp and Jaegarspun black 18/2 merino wool, 5040 ypp.
Weft: Same as warp.
Two Twills 
Dimensions: 9.5 x 70 inches long
Techniques used: Advancing and straight twills
Warp and weft: 20/2 rayon, 8400 ypp
Inspiration:  Suanne Pasquarella’s scarf in Weaving Lives at 65: Projects from the Anniversary Exhibition, The Weavers Guild of Rochester, NY.

Mobius Shawl of Teals and Golds

Dimensions: 24 inches wide x 75 inches long
Technique: Mixed warp - about 8 yarns of different sizes, colors, textures, and fibers
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