Jan Macklin

Jan has earned attention for her award-winning garments and accessories in the Midwest.  She runs a dye studio - named I C COLORS - and dyes for well-known fashion designers, interior designers and artisans of all talents as well as established yarn companies.  She has taught many a class on weaving, dyeing and color at art centers, schools and shops around the country.  Jan finds great satisfaction in encouraging creativity in students as well as transforming beautiful yarns into great cloth.


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Happy Towels 3

17” W  X 40” L

False Damask  &  2/2 Twill

10/2 Mercerized Cotton / Hand- Dyed  = 10/2 Mill End Rayon / Hand-Dyed

My own photos




EXTRA INFO ON TOWELS:   A Guild Project was created during the COVID-19 Pandemic early months through my Warp and Weft Weavers Guild of Woodstock Il  The project was to ‘make us happy’ during these very sad and isolated times.  All of the colors in the cotton and rayon yarns were dyed by me specifically for this project. I chose the 2 structures to focus on showcasing the stripes

To a Point

17” W X 40” L

Echo Weave

10/2 Mercerized Cotton/  Hand-Dyed

My Photos




EXTRA INFO ON TOWEL:  Probably the most challenging structure color-wise I’ve ever dealt with.   I sat in front of a computer for a solid week figuring all of the combinations possible and finally was satisfied with this one.

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