Karen Koykka O'Neal

My fascination with hand papermaking began in 1987 when I took a summer workshop at the University of Michigan School of Art.  I was immediately drawn to its possibilities and endless variations, and by the realization that paper could be made from any plant material. Becoming interested in making paper got me interested in lots of other things that involve paper, like books. I have an interest in papyrus, (the ancient writing surface), making paper from invasive plant species as well as the more usual fibers, and paper history.  In 1994 I began teaching the papermaking classes at Hollander’s in Ann Arbor.  In 2001 I established the Out of Hand Papermaking Studio, also in Ann Arbor. I enjoy giving presentations about the hand papermaking process at museums, educational institutions and community groups. Fiber is the thread that has taken me on a journey and promises to lead the way in the time to come.
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10" x 8" 
Secret Belgian Binding
Handmade paper (Kozo) covers, interior pages Somerset
Photographed by Lisa Monahan
$ 45
6 1/2" x 6 1/2"
Coptic Bound book
Handmade paper covers, acryllic paint  Interior pages Japanese calligraphy practice sheets
Photo by Lisa Monahan
7 1/2" X 6"   opens to about 40"
Accordion Book
Handmade paper covers, (recycled from literature about the total eclipse} eclipse viewing glasses, interior paper Canson Mi-Tintes and abaca
Photo by Lisa Monahan
$ 95
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