Kathy Zasuwa

The abstraction of themes is at the root of my image making and aims to bring clarity, richness and spark to the stories we live everyday. Themes depicting the rites of passage, a sense of place, or life events are the impetus to the lines and forms that become integrated into my work.  The techniques I use to express these themes vary between weaving, embroidery, surface design techniques and quilting.  


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Quarantine Quilt: Season of Change

51”W x 58”H

printed, dyed and painted fabrics; embroidery; quilting

cotton fabrics, embroidery floss, fabric paints, papers, polyester batting


Price: $2,000


Background Info:  This art quilt began as the world began a “shelter in place” policy and I found myself in the studio contemplating how one event can change everything about how we live our lives.  A reference to falling leaves captured change, reflection  and the quest for a new season of hope.  This piece is a combination of printed, dyed and commercial fabrics; painted papers and foil; and felt.  Many hours were spent embroidering the surface to discover hidden patterns and imagery and then machine quilted.


Commission for Providence Hospital Medical Staff Lounge

9’W x  38.5”L

Handwoven using supplemental warps and wefts

wool, cotton, silk, rayon



Stand Strong

33.5”W x 45.5” H

Handwoven using supplemental warps and wefts

 wool, cotton, rayon, silk, patinated copper




Background Info:  A combination of contrasting elements in a struggle to find balance when the world feels tipped on an axis of oppositional pulls.  This is not a recent piece but feels relevant in the disturbing current climate of social and political differences. 


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