Lynn Wallen

My weaving experience began in 2012 when taking a class at the Chattahoochee Weaver’s Guild in Atlanta, GA.  Soon after, I bought a floor loom, and then another.  I now have five floor looms!  Though we live most of the year in Tennessee, my husband is building us a summerhouse in Alpena and has included a special “loom room” for my pleasure!  I have taken many workshops over the years and love learning new techniques and meeting creative weavers.  Weavers are some of the kindest people!  I enjoy weaving decorative rugs, thirsty towels, and baby blankets for my many grandchildren.  I have recently learned to spin yarn and am trying my hand at basketweaving.


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Prairie Window.
31” x 56”
Shaft-switched 4-end block weave
Warp: 8/5 linen, 6 epi
Weft: Wool, 900 ypp
My husband is an architect and loves the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.  This piece is modeled after one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s prairie-style window patterns.
Angel Wings Blanket
31.5” x 47”
Technique: Colonial Doubleweave version of “Blooming Leaf"
Warp and Weft: 5/2 cotton, 24 epi
Purchased pattern from WEBS
Hugs and Kisses blanket
33.5” x 52”
Warp and tabby: 10/2 cotton, 24 epi
Pattern Weft: 5/2 cotton
Draft from Tom Knisely’s Baby Blanket book
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