Marie Gile

Marie learned to weave in 1980 with lessons taken from Jochen Ditterich, soon joining the Woodland Weavers and then the Greater Lansing Weaving guild when she moved to Lansing. Through the guilds and MLH, she honed her skills and became fascinated with dyeing, which she has used in creating Magical Woods, Luminous Cross and her Kimono Jacket. Each represent different skills, but dyeing and the magic of color and pattern created in the process is what keeps her desire alive to create with her hands. Marie now lives in the desert in Arizona, learning about a new environment and different elements in nature there. She continues making art, experimenting with new techniques, and growing her passion for color and pattern. She has spent the spring and summer crocheting, knitting and embroidering, but focusing primarily on learning to create collage and encaustic art. Remainder papers from screen printing, painting, old books, old letters and cards, to name a few — and fabrics of all kinds, plus the fascination of objects from the desert around her, are inspirations for new art making. 



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Magical Forest

Deconstructed screen print on linen, framed, with commercial upholstery fabric in chartreuse on frame sides;

49 1/2” w X 34” h X 1 1/2” d



Luminous Cross

Handwoven in M & Os with clasped wefts on hand dyed pearl cotton warp.

Pearl cotton and metallic wefts.

30 1/2” w X 35 1/2” h



Kimono Jacket

Hand dyed in black on raw silk.

Designed and created with Japanese shibori techniques that are used on each of four jacket segments, creating unique patterning.

Cut on the bias, with curved front and lower back for slimming look; couture sewing with French seams. Size: M - L



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