Mary Fechner

After being a figure skater, then a librarian, I have been a weaver for a little over 25 years.  There is always something new to explore.  This past spring and summer I have enjoyed weaving overshot in a new way.  During the summer I love weaving at Janney Simpson’s The Barn.



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Stepping Stones table runner.

13 by 53.

Warp 12/2 foxfire light brown, 10/2 Tercel dyed indigo,10/2 merc. blue cotton.

Weft 12/2 foxfire and 10/2 Tercel red wine heather.

Overshot and twill.

Lake Overlook Scarf

11 by 55.

Warp bamboo 12, light blue, medium blue,and copper.

Weft bamboo 12 light blue and pattern bamboo black.

Overshot and twill.

Walking in the Woods Scarf

9 by 55.

Warp 12/2 light green cotton,10/2 green rayon.  Weft 12/2 foxfire cotton and 8/2 Tercel eggplant.

Overshot and twill.


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