Nadine Cloutier

I was fortunate to have attended a high school that offered weaving classes.  I was motivated and inspired by the fiber arts because of its tactile ability to connect us through thread, yarn, wool, cotton and a variety of techniques and have continued my exploration of those techniques all my life.  I worked for Hartland Consolidated Schools for 21 years.  I worked in the Community Education Department as the Enrichment Coordinator and Editor of the local community newspaper called Community Life. The mission and vision statements of the district are: “We are a community of learners” and “We are lifelong learners."  I find those statements are a directive for how I like to approach my art making. I continue to take classes, online, you-tube, on Facebook, in person workshops and art group gatherings where we freely share ideas. I learn something new every day.  My full bio appeared in the May 2020 Fiber Connections on



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Wedding Table Runner

22” X 80”


8/2 cotton-natural; 5/2 mercerized cotton-gray



PHOTO:by artist  (2 photos Complete piece and 1 closeup of other side)


For my son’s wedding I decided to weave a ‘Name Draft” table runner. I inquired about a color preference for their dining room table. They requested a natural white and dove gray. I had never worked out the threading for a name draft, so I called on my friend Gisela Bosch to help me. I wanted both first names as well as the month, day, and year of their wedding. I decided on 8/2 cotton for the warp and weft and 5/2 mercerized cotton in gray for the weft. I alternated tabby weave with the pattern. The loom was threaded at 20 epi and I used my 4 harness Dorset loom. The finished size was 22” x 80”. They were incredibly happy. The most surprising result when inspecting the weave structure was the little chapel with steeple that appeared. Serendipity!


Wind Swept-Four Seasons (2 panel piece)

16” x 20” each

Free cut piecing, deconstructed screen printing, wool applique, rug hooking and

hand and machine embroidery

Cotton, batik fabrics, Caran d’ache water soluble crayons, stencils, leaves, wool, sewing thread and embroidery floss.



PHOTO: by artist Nadine Cloutier  (3 photos; 1 each full panel and 1 closeup)


These two panels are a result of a design challenge. Since I am not a painter, I decided to use them as a base for constructing fabric panels that would be stretched over the canvas. I was very much intrigued with using the design motif of leaves. Every workshop I took I made sure to include leaves in the projects. I took a free cut piecing quilt class with Mary Bajcz. I loved the way the pieces are cut and then reassembled. The next workshop was with fiber artist Kerr Grabowski using a deconstructed screen-printing technique. For the fall section I used techniques learned in an applique class with Maggie Bonanomi. Being a rug hooker already I decided to continue working with wool strips and finished the panel in rug hooking that I learned through my instructor Wanda Kerr.  In addition, each section had some machine or hand embroidery work added as embellishmen

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